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Innovative Technologies for Post-harvest Treatment in the Post-Covid Era by Juran Technology

The COVID-19 has made food safety more important. In no doubt, postharvest treatment creates an opportunity for bacteria to enter. Juran Technologies wants to provide technological solutions that add value.
We’re showing two of them this time: ArilSystem is a pomegranate extraction system without human contact, developed in cooperation with ARO (Agriculture Reaserch Organisation at the Ministry of Agriculture), and EcoLychee, an innovative technology to treat lychee peel without use of sulfur.
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As a result of the COVID-19 period, the importance of food safety was greatly sharpened, as people throughout the world realized that sanitation and hygiene in the process of handling food after harvesting play an essential role in human health.
ArilSystem’s mechanical extraction system eliminates human contact by putting pomegranates into one side and pomegranate arils into the other side, without touching the fruit. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate into the process – disinfecting materials that are approved for use in food, ensuring that the production is done in a hygienic environment.
The products that come out of a factory that uses this system have a higher chance of being at a high level of FOOD SAFETY and disease-free.
Based on a collaboration between Juran Technologies and ARO, the company has developed a pomegranate extraction systems for sale and service worldwide.


When handling fresh produce after harvest, utmost care must be taken to ensure that the product reaches consumers while still at peak quality and with optimal nutrient retention. We must ensure that no substances are involved in processing that could either negatively impact the finished product or otherwise prove harmful to consumers.
Sulfur for example is conventionally used after picking, to preserve the red peel color of Lychee fruit. Some people have allergic or asthmatic reactions to foods with sulfur in them and therefore this common practice can prove dangerous to some consumers.
There is however, another way to keep Lychee peel looking ripe and fresh. Juran has developed a sulfur-free method of treating picked lychee fruit which not only enables safe processing for consumers, but also provides an additional advantage – Juran’s lychees have an extended shelf life of up to four or five weeks!
The lychee Sulfur Free Technology markets under the commercial name EcoLychee.

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