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Israeli Grower Leads the World in Microgreens

The world is discovering microgreens (also known ascressormicro-leaves) tiny leaves and sprouts harvested at 10 days, rich in vitamins and anti-oxydants. The microgreens garnishing dishes at Buckingham Palace, and in British Airways’ first class dishes, are grown at TAP’s farm in Israel, 2BFresh.


In the upcoming Fruitlogistice exhibition, 2BFRESH will exhibit a new line of products, thepearl herbs“. This innovative line, which consists the pearl radish and the pearl sunflower, is offering the premium chefs a 1cm leaves, with amazing appearance and prickly taste. The product was nominated to the Fruit Logistice innovation award 2016


In addition to microgreens, 2BFresh grows lettuce and other leafy vegetables, and herbs, in hydroponics. The privately held company has developed its own unique hydroponic technology which is both used on the farm and exported through international projects. Mircogreens grown at 2BFresh at Moshav Olesh in Israel’s Emek Hefer are also sold in France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the U.K. Russia, the U.S. and Hong Kong.


TAP is an experienced veteran in the agriculture arena, active since 1958. The company’s main activity consists of establishing international agricultural projects around the world,” explains the company’s Co-owner Business Development Manager Avner Shohet. The fact that the company, through its daughter company To Be Fresh, is a successful active farm, gives it a great base for trying new technologies and methods. 2BFresh also markets the produce from other Israeli farms internationally.


TAP recently won a major project in Vietnam, covering 24 hectares. “The project includes seven different sites, a site for the hydroponic growing of microgreens, growth in soilless culture of all types of vegetables and flowers,” explains Shohet. Work on the sites in Vietnam is already in high gear. The project is undertaken in cooperation withVinEcoa subsidiary of the largest Vietnamese conglomerateVinGroup‘. “Following a visit to TAPs production facility in Israel during the week of Agritech summit, VinEcos CEO, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo decided to grant TAP with the contract to install and run VinEcos first greenhouse operation in Vietnam,” said Shohet.


The vast majority of the equipment and technologies TAP implements in its projects worldwide are Israeli-made. The hydroponic and NFT equipment is proprietary to TAP. “We offer advanced post-harvest technologies to ensure long shelf-life. After over 50 years in the agriculture business, we still constantly innovate and bring the best produce and Israeli agritech knowhow to the world,” concludes Shohet. 

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