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How to Convert Your PE Production Line to Include Drip Irrigation Pipe

Upgrading from plain PE to drip irrigation pipe production is a straightforward task

As a PE pipe manufacturer it is not only your job to produce high quality pipes but, to increase your customer base by diversifying your product mix. What many manufacturers don’t know is that with a small investment they can convert their existing PE pipe production line to produce quality drip irrigation pipe allowing them to expand their business into a new market.


What is the best way to make the transition?

Polyethylene or PE pipe is a flexible plastic pipe that features excellent temperature durability, high operating pressure limits and high chemical stability. These characteristics make it ideal for use not only in infrastructure piping projects but in water saving, drip irrigation applications as well.


The Benefits of Converting Your Production Line From PE to Drip Irrigation
There are a few main reasons why you should consider converting your PE production line into a drip irrigation pipe making machine. 

Expand your Product Line
The biggest thing to realize is that by upgrading your PE line to manufacture drip irrigation pipe does not mean you have to choose one over the other. This allows you to expand your product line to include drip irrigation pipe as well.
Drip irrigation pipe can be used both for small-scale landscaping and in large-scale agricultural applications. Chances are that a number of your existing customers already buy drip irrigation piping elsewhere.


Minor Investment
With a minor investment in a few new machines you can retrofit your existing line to manufacture drip pipe. A drip irrigation upgrade does not require major adjustments and is not time consuming. In fact, a DRTS representative can help you install the drip irrigation machinery into your existing production line.


Minimal Operator Training
Lastly, production line operators will not need a lot of additional training since the pipe extrusion process for drip irrigation is identical to plain PE pipe.We will discuss the machinery and what it takes to operate them shortly.
The thing to keep in mind when upgrading your extrusion line though is that you are only expanding and not limiting your options, since you can change back to producing plain PE pipe at any time.


How To Upgrade From Plain PE To Drip Irrigation Pipe
You first need to evaluate your current equipment status, and make sure that you begin your upgrading with the best and most cost effective solution for your needs. There is no “one size fits all” solution, every situation is entirely unique and requires custom manufacturing. Make sure that you find a machine manufacturer that will provide you with a custom solution to your upgrade.


Machinery Required to Convert to Drip Irrigation
The equipment typically required to upgrade from plain to drip irrigation pipe is as follows:
Dripper feeder & Inserting Machine: This machine sits at the top of the line ahead of the extruder and inserts drippers into pipe while it is still hot and malleable. The dripper feeder keeps a continuous flow of drippers from a bowl into the inserter.


Extruder Die Cross Head:
This die head is placed ready to accept drip irrigation emitters from the inserting machine for precise insertion while the pipe is still hot.

Pipe Perforating Machine:
The perforator punches holes in the pipe at equal intervals where drippers are located. This machine is easily installed and is synchronized for spacing and perforating with the inserting machine.


Perforation Visual Inspection Machine (optional):
Following the Pipe Perforating Machine, this visual inspection machine performs a non-destructive check on 100% of the holes punched in the produced irrigation pipe. This can alert you to any problems that come up during production allowing you to adjust your machinery without creating too much waste.


DRTS Drip Irrigation Machinery
Upgrading from plain PE to drip irrigation pipe production is a straightforward task. Partner with a knowledgeable drip irrigation machinery manufacturer like DRTS we can help supply you with custom drip irrigation solutions that will work in tandem with your existing production line. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help!

At your service for over 35 years, DRTS is a pipe extrusion and drip irrigation specialist. Our pipe extrusion production lines are used around the world, offering complete turnkey solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

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