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The Importance & Benefit of a Fully Automatic Coiler Machine

This not only saves time and money on labor but ensures that your coils of pipe are all uniform in size

With the advancement of industry 4.0 revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, internet connected machinery is making pipe manufacturers production process easier. Today, industry leading plastic pipe production lines are entirely synced via the internet allowing extrusion engineers to control all aspects of production from a single HMI. While this is makes the engineers job easier most production lines will require an additional operator at the end of the line to switch out and strap finished coils of pipe from the coiler machine.

What many pipe manufacturers don’t know is that this labor intensive process can be almost entirely automated with an automatic pipe coiler machine. This machine is capable of syncing up with a production line and automatically coiling fresh coils of pipe. Not only does this machine coil pipe to your desired length, but it will automatically cut, switch reels, strap and eject coils that are ready for sale.

This not only saves time and money on labor but ensures that your coils of pipe are all uniform in size. A fully automatic coiler also has great applications in the world of drip irrigation as some are capable of counting drippers so that each coil of drip irrigation pipe you produce has the exact same number of drippers per coil. These types of coilers are generally for a specific type of hdpe pipe with some specializing in round drip irrigation / HDPE pipe and others for flat drip irrigation pipe.


An automatic coiler machine should be paired with a pipe acumulator to make sure that your pipe does not get tangled during the time it takes for the automatic switching of reels. Additionally some manufacturers opt to include a shrink wrapping machine that spins and wraps coils in celefame so that they are not damaged during shipping.

With a speed of up to 130 meters per minute and a pipe size range of 12 – 25 mm an automatic pipe coiler is the perfect addition to any manufacturer looking to automate a normally labor intensive part of their production line.

DRTS offers automatic pipe coilers for both round and flat pipes. They offer a customizable touch screen user experience and can increase your production speed and accuracy. Contact us here or at info@drts-corp.com for more information.

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