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Hazera Genetics Launches New Branding as a Leader in Seed Breeding

New branding for Hazera Genetics, a global leader in seed breeding

Nickerson Zwaan launches the new brand, Hazera, conjoint with its partner company, Hazera Genetics. Organizational structure, including management, sales, customer relations and field research, will remain un-changed.

The new brand, Hazera, is bringing the expertise, experience and professionalism of both Dutch Nickerson Zwaan and Israeli Hazera Genetics. Since the join of their business activities in 2008, under French Limagrain, both brands have demonstrated constant, rapid expansion in their activities and became a leading player in the global seeds industry. 

This move positions Hazera as having a vaster international presence, as well as a rich, improved product range. The company integrates the advantages and strengths of both companies: the expertise and skill accumulated over decades by Nickerson Zwaan and Hazera Genetics.


Rami Dar, CEO of Hazera, noted “branding both companies under the international brand “Hazera” reflects our successful joint activity, which keeps expanding and evolving, whilst maintaining uncompromising innovation, high quality standards and leading international service levels.


The new brand emphasizes the technology uniqueness of the company, as well as its professionalism and commitment to its customers, which are in tune with the market needs. We will continue to provide our customers with skilled service and groundbreaking products, in an extensive geographic spread and wide latitude enabled by the integration of the companies”.


Dar added, “This motion enhances the range of services and solutions Hazera offers its customers, by adding further advanced development centers around the world for breeding seeds by a wide range of criteria, which will enable our customers optimal adjustment of the quality of seeds they use”.


Yehuda Olashansky, Head of Commercial Division, said “since the joined of the companies’ activities about six years ago, we have been witnessing an increase in the international activities scope. The two companies have expanded rapidly to become a major player in the worldwide vegetable seed industry. Our commitment to supporting the growers by local product development and close services is at the heart of our business ethos and this will continue and strengthen into the future”.


Hazera is a subsidiary of the international corporation Limagrain. It is one of the leading companies worldwide in cultivating, production and marketing of hybrid vegetable seeds and its uniqueness lies in advanced research and development capabilities, marketing around the globe and agro technical support. The company, active for over 70 years, is in a constant process of developing new products to address the market’s needs, which are marketed via 15 subsidiaries and via distributers in additional 100 markets worldwide.

Limagrain is an international agricultural co-operative group specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Founded and managed by  2000 farmers, Limagrain is the 4th largest seed company in the world and the 2nd largest in vegetable seeds, with annual sales of almost 2 billion Euros. Limagrain is geographically spread out over 41 countries with a headcount of more than 8,600, about 20% of which (more than 1,750) are in research.


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