Crop Quality

Decay Prevention in Post-Harvest

TarriTech develops delivery systems for effective protection of fresh produce

tarritech owns a comprehensive data base linking essential oils (eo) to crops, their specific pathogens and their organoleptic properties. this data is based on profound knowledge of the eo chemistry and their biological effect as decay preventing agents.

cooperation with the post-harvest industry led to a development of a unique delivery system that prevents effectively, safely, repeatably, and environmentally friendly decay of fresh vegetables, fruits & herbs.

fresh agriculture produce is exposed for a short period to a controlled profile of volatile compounds (vc), released from a mixture of several essential oils (eo).

each of the chosen eo in the mixture has specific biological activity. the blend is tailored to a crop, preventing together decay of its specific pathogens. the mixture is incorporated in our delivery device.


the system. process and delivery device are subject to detailed quality control procedure. the process is implemented prior to storage as part of an existing post harvest production line. the technology can be implemented in the future in controlled atmosphere packaging.

the eo we are using, are registered in the gras index (gras – generally recognizes as safe food products). it can replace use of chemicals while improving the food supply chain performance and yield. it does not affect taste, aroma and appearance of the fresh produce. incorporating it in an existing line of post-harvest treatment require minimal investment, and at low operational cost.


tarritech is already commercialized in mandarins and piloted in strawberries, peaches, nectarines and persimmons.
strawberry and the other berries are highly perishable produce. in us, among the retailed fruits, they are 5th in volume but 1st in value – close to $ 7b.


tarritech is proposing a project to scale up the good pilot results to a marketable product and process in strawberries within 2 years, and the other berries within the following 18 months.
we seek an mile stoned investment of $ 2.5 m for a period of 2 years. the above investment is to start sales of tarritech system for strawberry, and to continue developing and scale up the other berries, targeting their sales in the following 18 months. the investment can be either in the strawberry/berries


project or in the tarritech using its technology and knowhow to prevent decay in other fruits, vegetables & herbs and the potential use in controlled atmosphere packaging.

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