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Chinese Vineyards to Use Israeli Technologies

Israel will provide irrigation expertise for vast Chinese wine growing region.

Israeli agricultural experts will assist in the irrigation of grape vines in China’s most promising wine region.


A cooperation agreement which was signed recently between Israel and China paves the way for Israeli agricultural experts to the huge, promising wine growing region in China, parts of which lays in the huge Gobi desert region. Because of the desert climate, the area suffers from water scarcity and the website decanter.com reported that Israeli experts will stand behind a wide reaching irrigation plan for the region.


The Ningxia wine growing region is located about 800 km west of the capital Beijing, today there are 320,000 dunams (about 79,000 acres) planted with grapes for wine, eight times more than the whole wine growing area in Israel, and the Chinese intend to double the territory by 2020. 50 wineries are active in the region today.


The grandiose irrigation plan, which will use Israeli knowledge, technologies and equipment, will cover vineyards spanning 92,000 dunams (22,000 acres), expected to serve 80 vineyards, in the highest quality wine growing area, Helan Mountain East. The Israeli technology is expected to improve the water efficiency dramatically.

Israel is well known around the globe for its water efficiency technologies, including drip irrigation, and this is not the first time Israel is helping China in this arena. The project in the Chinese wine growing region is part of a larger cooperation plan, totalling US$300M. One of the technologies which is planned to be implemented in the cooperation is a combination of irrigation of water together with fertilizer.

For the full original Hebrew article in Grape-Man click here (based on an article from Decanter.com).

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