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Bio-Bee is going global

Bio-Bee Biological Systems specializes in biologically based integrated pest management and launched operations in India.

Bio-Bee is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of biologically based Integrated Pest Management. Integrated Pest Management is an effective and economical method of contending with agricultural pests. It minimizes the risks inherent in chemical pest control, for the environment, for the growers, and for the consumers.


Bio-Bee’s operations in India will be concentrated initially in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Bio-Bee employs a team of highly trained local agronomists in order to advise the region’s farmers and help them implement the technology. Specialists from Israel are also involved, providing training, guidance and supervision. The desired outcome is a balance between the pest population and their natural enemies. When this balance is achieved, the spraying of pesticides is reduced to a minimum, and the agricultural produce can be picked at the optimal time, with no fear of chemical residues.


Shachar Carmi, Bio-Bee’s marketing manager: “The decision to begin operations in India is based primarily on the receptiveness and willingness of growers in the country to adopt the most advanced technological solutions, and their increasing awareness of the many advantages of biologically based Integrated Pest Management.”

At present, most of the agricultural produce in India is aimed at the local market, but in recent years intense efforts have been made to encourage agricultural exports. Exporting to places such as Western Europe, North America and Japan requires Indian growers to meet extremely stringent standards with regard to chemical residues.


Carmi points out that Bio-Bee has extensive experience: “In Israel, biologically based Integrated Pest Management is used in 90% of capsicum greenhouses and 80% of strawberry fields. Our solutions have proven successful in other crops as well, including tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, cut flowers, grapes and citrus. We believe that biologically based Integrated Pest Management is the best pest management solution. It contributes to the quality of the crop, protects the environment and safeguards the health of growers and consumers alike.”


Bio-Bee Biological Systems, Sde Eliyahu, Israel, a company that specializes in biologically based Integrated Pest Management, reports that it is launching operations in India. The company is cooperating with the National Centre for Integrated Pest Management and the National Research Centre for Grapes, and has successfully passed all the trials required for import permits.

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