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Amiad Launches an Innovative Filter

Amiad Water Systems brings innovation in irrigation with a new filter which requires no electrical connection

Amiad’s new filter provides solutions to all of the farmer’s needs: it requires no electrical connection, has a self-clean mechanism, withstands corrosion and fertilizers, and provides a high flow of clean water. Arik Dayan, the CEO of Amiad remarked that “This is a result of Israeli innovation and expertise in the Galilee that provides a solution for a global challenge.”

The Sigma filter, which has been developed and produced in Israel, offers a number of significant advantages in the filter space of the irrigation market and affords solutions to acute issues in this area: durability, efficiency, ease of use and maintenance and energy efficiency. The filter is designed to protect the drip and sprinkler systems for greenhouses, irrigation of orchards, fields, and more.

The Sigma is an automatic filter that can operate without an external power source. This makes it energy efficient and fit for use on sites with no supply of electricity. The filter can also be operated by long-distance remote control or by hand. Its self-clean mechanism uses Amiad’s unique suction scanner technology with improved cleaning ability and is highly efficient with cost effective maintenance.
The filter is entirely made of polymers so that it can withstand corrosion and most types of fertilizers (ph>5). It is relatively compact: 1.2 meters in height and slightly more than 0.5 meters in width. When full, it weighs approximately 150 kg’s. This compact design allows for smaller installation spaces.

This unique combination of features provides the Sigma with significant advantages in efficiency, ease of use and maintenance, use of resources, and lifespan. In this way, the farmer may save money and time while guaranteeing the amount and quality of water necessary for his crops.

Farmers Will Require 19% More Water by 2050

A UN report published in July 2013 assessed that the world’s population, which today numbers 7.2 billion people, will reach about 9.6 billon people by 2050. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimated that food production must increase by 70% by mid-century, in order to feed the increasing population. This UN research shows that farmers will therefore require 19% more water than they do today, in order to produce the requisite amount of food.

“Opinions are split regarding the question of whether there is a worldwide shortage of water,” said Arik Dayan, CEO of Amiad, “but there is no dispute that there is a shortage of clean water. According to the UN, even today in many places there is limited availability of water for agriculture and therefore, the agriculture in these places is at risk. This situation will only become worse, not better. There is a real concern for the security of global nutrition and it is clear that we will need more and more clean water in order to produce food for everyone. Here at Amiad we understood that the challenge to provide clean water is one that transcends borders, cultures and ideologies, and we, through our knowledge and experience, have created the solution. Many hours of research, development and experimentation have allowed us to provide farmers with a solution to their most exigent needs: high quality water, high-efficiency filtration, low operating and maintenance costs and minimal environmental footprint. The various products that we market in order 80 countries worldwide are the result of Israeli innovation and expertise developed by Israelis in the Galilee, providing us all with a great source of pride.”

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