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Dorot’s Valves Help Cultivating Vineyards in New Zealand

Loveblock, Dorot's water solution, assists in cultivating New Zealand's Vineyards

Loveblock is one of the icons in New Zealand’s wine scene. The vineyard is perched high on the hills overlooking Marlborough’s Awatere Valley.

The viticulture project with Loveblock required drip irrigation on the sloping site. Dorot Control Valves (“Dorot”) customized their product DAV-P-1K to the project to meet the need. This valve has been designed for efficient discharge and intake of air in water transport systems, containers, filtering systems, and other places where confined air could impair the system’s operation. The valve is suitable for:

· Expelling the air at high flow velocity during the initial filling of the system.

· Introducing large quantities of air when the pipe drains, maintaining atmospheric pressures in the pipe and preventing collapse and cavitation damage to the conduits.

48 valves were installed to make sub-main and drip-line filling and draining more efficient on the vineyard that is on steep country. Dorot placed vacuum breakers downstream of all control valves and at the end of all sub-mains. These valves improved drip line fill times and reduced drip line drain down times significantly, improving system uniformity and operation.

The valves have made the entire system work much better by allowing the sub-mains and driplines to fill and drain quickly.

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