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Adama and Phytech Team Up for Commercial Collaboration

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions and Phytech have entered into a commercial collaboration that establishes Adama as the preferred business partner for the global commercialization of Phytech's PlantBeatTMSystem.

adama agricultural solutions, the leading global off-patent provider of crop protection solutions, and phytech, an israeli agricultural technology company, have entered into a commercial collaboration that establishes adama as the preferred business partner for the global commercialization of phytech’s plantbeattmsystem, according to a joint press release.

phytech’s plantbeattm system is a simplified, alert-driven mobile platform which combines predictive algorithms and data analysis that integrates continuous crop health data and supportive environmental data (for example, relating to climate and soil) and distils all into real-time recommendations, primarily for irrigation – one of the most important parts of the growing process. the analyzed data is transmitted in real-time via mobile, helping growers in their day-to-day decisions that impact both the quality and yield of their crops.


as part of this collaboration between the two companies, pilot projects have already commenced in the us and brazil, with more expected to follow in the coming months.


dani harari, svp strategy and resources of adama, said, “adama’s core purpose is to simplify farmers’ lives and improve their yields by “creating simplicity in agriculture”. this collaboration with an innovative company like phytech is a powerful example of how adama, with its global, farmer-centric commercialization platform, is uniquely positioned to bring simplicity and the best of israeli innovation to farmers around the world.”

sarig duek, ceo of phytech, commented, “we are proud and excited to partner with adama, a global leader in crop protection solutions, in providing growers in key crops and markets with the most advanced precision agriculture, variable-rate technology, helping them to increase yields by optimizing irrigation practices. we believe that adama’s grower-focused approach will ensure the successful implementation of the technology for the benefit of the growers worldwide.”

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