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A New Project for Growing "Mini Gerbera" for Export

The demand for "classic" flowers has decreased

the market of flowers that are grown for export has changed dramatically over the past few years, the demand for “classic” flowers has decreased and instead the buyers are looking for unique flowers to use in their designs.


in accordance to that, ami and avi of meshek yosef atia in moshav porat have decided to build a new 2 dunam greenhouse for the development of the  mini gerbera. the people of meshek atia who is located in heart of the sharon  has been growing  gerberas in the soil for 30 years and this move takes their operation to a whole new dimension.
in the past few weeks they built a new growing system that includes special troughs which contain a tailor made substrate that was developed by tuff merom golan to meet the mini gerbera’s needs.
the new substrate will allow the growers to control the amount of water in the troughs and that will give more control over  the flowering process, this way the grower has more freedom to choose the right time to pick and  ship the flowers to europe.

the growers, avi and ami state that they chose a unique variety of gerbera that produces small flowers who are in demand in europe markets at the moment.
avi maoz, the manager of the agricultural department  in tuff merom golan  who followed the project from the start stated that “the option of changing from growing in the soil to using substrates actually saves the crop since years of using the soil over and over has caused serious deterioration and the yield and quality suffered”.

yoni oserovitz, the  professional manager of tuff merom golan was also involved in the project from day one said: “using this new growing system that include mapal troughs filled with tuff substrate can change completely the position of the  israeli flowers growers “.
thousands of new gerbera seedlings were planted this week in the new greenhouse and both avi and ami of meshek atia and the staff in tuff merom golan are eagerly waiting to see the results.

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