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A New Era of Impact Sprinklers

NAANDANJAIN has been developing sprinkler, drip and micro sprinkler systems for over seventy years.

This multi application sprinkler is equally effective in open fields, orchards, greenhouses and screen houses . The sprinkler can also be used for fergitation, for delivering pesticides and for frost protection. Development is often in partnership with farmers, since they can provide us with the most relevant feedback.  Poto: Organic carrot fields treated with VGI’s KF-10                                                           


NAANDANJAIN has a technological centre in Israel whose engineers are responsible for our new products and cutting edge production technologies. Some production has moved to India over the past two years in an effort to cut manufacturing costs, enabling us to offer a quality product at competitive prices. In an effort to improve time to market, some of our subsidiaries also manufacture our products. Our Israel based QA department oversees all of our factories worldwide and ensures a high quality finished product wherever it is made.


NAANDANJAIN has recently launched a Super Diffuser (SD), ushering in a new era for impact sprinklers. The SD improves uniform water distribution thus providing effective irrigation; it is patented in several countries. All our new impact sprinklers are of the SD variety which makes it easier for our customers to prefer our products over those of our rivals. Our global field marketing staff have observed that more and more farmers specify SD sprinklers when ordering.

We launched a new Part Circle sprinkler, model number 5022SD PC, at Agritec 2015. It is especially effective when used at field edges in conjunction with mid field full circle sprinklers. Use of part circle sprinklers ensures that all the water remains inside the irrigating pattern.

It is constructed on a double nozzle sprinkler platform and the modular PC kit snaps into the rear nozzle position so as to easily change it from a full circle to part circle sprinkler and vice versa.


Advantages of the 5022SD PC:

  • Water and fertilizer savings
  • Avoids wetting paths between fields
  • Suitable for all field crops
  • Significant additional advantage – If up to now, both full circle and the more costly half circle sprinklers were needed, our 5022SD PC performs both functions with a single sprinkler.


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