Greenhouses & Covering
    June 9, 2022

    Increasing Water Consumption Efficiency

    Josef Tanny1, Shabtai Cohen1 and Yair Israeli2, 1Institute of Soil, Water & Environmental Sciences, Agricultural…
    Seed Technology
    June 9, 2022

    Fresh Cut Peppers from the Arava Area

    it seems that the word pepper has become for a long time now, a synonym…
    Food Tech
    June 9, 2022

    Aleph Farms Launches ‘Aleph Zero’ Program to Grow Steaks in Space

    Program ‘Aleph Zero’ brings local production of cultivated meat to outer space, enabling human life…
    June 9, 2022

    Italian Agriculture industry holding out well

    The Italian industry manufacturing components for agricultural and earthmoving machinery expects a 2013 balance sheet…
    June 7, 2022

    All the benefits by one supplier

    when setting up a cannabis greenhouse, you want to purchase equipment from a highly experienced…
    Seed Technology
    June 9, 2022

    Technological and Agronomical Tools for Optimum Growth (Part 1)

    in hazera, a global company which breeds, develops, produces and markets variety of vegetable seeds…
    Agriculture knowledge
    June 9, 2022

    The Israeli Avocado Industry

    This exclusive interview was held with Reuven Dor, Coordinator for the Avocado section at the…
    Water Management
    June 9, 2022

    Dorot’s Valves Help Cultivating Vineyards in New Zealand

    Loveblock is one of the icons in New Zealand’s wine scene. The vineyard is perched…
    Pesticide and Fertilization
    June 9, 2022

    "K gallery" Application Offers Photos Showing Potassium Deficiency Symptoms in Crops

    the “k gallery” app was developed by international potash institute (ipi(. the photo gallery offers…
    Agriculture Cooperation
    June 9, 2022

    Research collaboration announced at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin

    bayer, netafim and bgn technologies, the technology company of israel’s ben-gurion university of the negev (bgu),…

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