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Whole Grain Wheat Gets a New Look

today it is widely recognized that whole grain wheat bread is healthier than white bread.

still some people prefer toeat white bread, and this is especially true for kids, many of whom are more attracted to white breads and rolls. whole grain wheat that looks white will bea great way to get kids to eat healthier.

“rota” is a new type of wheat for breadthat produces high quality baked bread. this type of wheat enables to bakerolls that look like white bread rolls. this is the first time that a wheatthat was developed in israel is thebasis for local bread rolls without mixingit with imported wheat. the wheat is made into flour by the “shtibal” company.

a representative from the volcani insitute said: “wheat is one of the most important crops in the world. demand for wheat is growing constantly. because wheat is the main, sometimes the only, nutritional source for populations in developing countries, it is important that wheat varieties contain as many healthy ingrediants as possible. we place emphasis on healthy characteristics of wheat and increasing harvests.”

another type of wheat developed by thevolcani center is “bar-nir.” this type of wheat is unique in that it alsoserves at the basis for high quality breads, but it is also particularlyresistant to one of the most common types of insects which attack wheat, the “flour flea”. this type of resilience is not available in other types of wheat.

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