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ULTRAF PRO – Bringign precision and control to smart irrigation

A Revolution in Water Control and irrigation 94% Reduction in Non-Revenue Water

ultraf pro from talis’ raphael range delivers exact pressure and flow control, as well as the ability to provide accurate water metering, by combining a hydraulic valve with the precision of an ultrasonic water meter in one compact unit.this revolutionary design means that it is both easy to install and requires virtually no-maintenance.

its compact size means that it can be easily integrated within any water network without disruption. the use of ultrasonic technology also means that there is no need to incorporate straight pipe either upstream or downstream, the meter provides accurate readings in any there are no moving parts, damage and wear to components (which may affect accuracy) are eliminated. this, combined with its 10-year battery life, make it virtually maintenance free. 




it is accurate to iso 4064 (2005) standard and can be managed and monitored remotely through raphael’s smartphone application or through an existing control system.
it is available in a range of sizes (from 50mm to 200mm diameter) and operates up to a 16-bar pressure practical applications, the ultraf pro is having a major impact on efficiencies and on reducing non-revenue water.



solving non-revenue water issues for israeli irrigation system

the solution provided for the mayan zyi cooperative in israel, perfectly demonstrates the benefits ultraf pro brings.
talis was asked to tackle a severe problem with non-revenue water for a farmer supplying irrigation to a number of smaller units within a 100 hectare avocado and banana grove.


water is supplied to the farm via a 200mm pipe from a reservoir 1.5km away from the main meter.  at the pump station, water is filtered and then directed to small plots within zones to the north and south. each plot is measured by ultraf 2” as sub meter.

mechanical waltman water meters were in place to attempt to track the supply and then allow the farmer to bill each smaller plot for the water used. however, for a variety of reasons, the current system was not operating successfully, and levels of non-revenue water were running at up to 33%.


talis was asked to provide a solution that would:
1. accurately monitor the amount of water irrigated.
2. control set pressure downstream.
3. provide accurate billing to each plot.

a quick and easy solution – ultraf pro

the ultraf pro met these requirements was able to be installed quickly and with minimum disruption to the existing network. the combined, compact units simply replaced the existing control valves and waltman meters.ultraf pro dn150 units were installed at the water intake from the irrigation utility, and then one ultraf dn50 at the entrance to each sub-zone.

trusted accuracy
the accuracy of the ultrasonic meter, meant that (for the first time) the farmer was able to track the exact amount of water supplied and automatically control the pressure downstream.
this is crucial, not only to prevent non-revenue water, but also to ensure the plants receive the exact amount of water required – too little or too much and the plants and resulting crops will also meant that unused water could also be tracked, ensuring that each plot was only charged for their actual usage.
both the farmer and the operators of each smaller plot could be assured that water was being accurately measured and that total bills were fair – previously this had been in dispute.

controlling pressure and flow
the units were also highly effective and responding to pressure variations. within the system, pipes could empty and fill up many times each day. this causes pressures within the network up to 4 bar which needs to be carefully controlled.

all of these factors were able to be controlled remotely, with the added reassurance that the units would be reliable and accurate with minimal maintenance for years to come.


94% reduction in non-revenue water
the impact was instant and remarkable. even at low season, when less water is required for irrigation, the results were still significant and immediate.
within just four months of replacing the existing valves with ultraf pro, operating costs had dropped significantly.
previously levels of non-revenue water were as high as 33%. after installation (with no other changes to the network) these dropped to 2% (an improvement of 94%). 

as a result, non-revenue water costs fell from $4,815 per quarter to just $221.

cost comparison february – april bills:


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