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Irritec – made in Italy irrigation excellence

Thanks to digital technology - says Giuffrè – we’ve become more aware of the customer's needs

implementing irrigation solutions to improve its efficiency, optimizing the resources and manufacturing processes while reducing the environmental impact. this is how we can summarize the mission of irritec, the company founded over 40 years ago in capo d’orlando, in the province of messina, italy, that has become an international reference in the irrigation sector. founded in 1974, irritec distributes its products in 140 countries, has production facilities in italy, spain, mexico, brazil, the united states, as well as commercial branches in chile, germany and algeria. irritec team can count on over 700 members.

from a small company in sicily to the world, quite a significant leap. “the participation in international fairs during the 1980s paved the way for internationalization- says irritec founder and ceo carmelo giuffré. in the 70s irritec started to work to perfecting drip irrigation systems, which is still our core business.”



the wide range of irritec products, for gardening, open field and greenhouses, is focused on irrigation and micro-irrigation, revolutionary irrigation techniques that guarantee maximum profit by minimum water consumption. «micro-irrigation – continues carmelo giuffré -, the localization of the drop and the development of user-friendly products that allow considerable water and energy saving, including soil fertilization with reduced environmental impact, are the strengths of our eco-friendly irrigation. “

in its commitment for eco-sustainability, the company also launched the project called “green fields.” “an initiative that helps and encourages the farmers to properly dispose of their driplines after use – continues the sole director of the company – which was successful in italy and extended abroad. a reasonable choice, being irritec among the italian companies acknowledged as an example for the application of the circular economy principles.




overcoming the infrastructural difficulties linked to its localization thanks to the work of their sales and marketing key resources in italy and abroad, proving their flexibility and global approach, has made irritec an excellence in the irrigation sector all over the world, also thanks to the important contribution of the digital transformation. “thanks to digital technology – says giuffrè – we’ve become more aware of the customer’s needs, improving the information flow between the sales network, the marketing dpt. and the r&d dpt. each area has its own needs. through market analysis, we have introduced our technologies abroad to fulfil such needs; important production investments have been made, to reduce delivery times and transport costs and to get closer to the market. this made us more competitive not only in italy but all over the world. “




the excellence of a company based in messina acknowledged, among others, by deloitte international award received by irritec for being one of the “best italian managed companies“, standing out for excellent organizational skills, strategy and performance. «sustainability, leadership and expertise, some of the success factors of irritec – giuffré explains -sustainability, because irritec provides efficient irrigation solutions and products, thus safeguarding such a precious resource like water; leadership because as a leading company we offer a complete range of products, which can guarantee the most effective solution and the best performance for our customers; expertise for our team’s skills in plastics processing and for the ability to understand and meet the needs of the farmers and gardening professionals. “

the love for water and the continuous international interaction have contributed to the growth of the company’s know-how, generating a wide range of products and services that meet each and every irrigation need worldwide.

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