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Treetoscope Expands Geographical Access for its Irrigation Management Platform

Unique solution provides growers with quantitative and actionable data to help them address the challenges of water resources management

Treetoscope, an innovative start-up in precision irrigation management, announced a new partnership with the Toro Company, a leading worldwide provider of innovative irrigation solutions, amongst others, to provide growers with irrigation decision support based on their innovative direct plant sensing technology.

Treetoscope offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) irrigation management platform, based on its innovative direct plant sensing technology integrated with soil, satellite and real-time weather data. The groundbreaking solution provides unprecedented accuracy in measuring real-time actual water use of trees, supporting optimal irrigation decisions at farm-level that help to maximise yield and reduce crop inputs such as water and fertilizer.

Easy to use and uncostly to install by growers, the patented single probe Sap Flow sensors are inserted into the tree trunk and provide direct and continuous measurement of water flow in almond, avocado, citrus, apples and wine grape trees. Real-time data from the Sap Flow sensors is integrated with soil, weather and satellite information, courtesy of Treetoscope’s AI-driven engine, to provide growers and irrigation companies with accurate and actionable insights for site-specific crop evapotranspiration.

“We are tackling one of the most crucial challenges growers face today: water scarcity and irrigation optimisation. Treetoscope’s irrigation management platform is affordable, scalable and simple to deploy – accurately measuring real-time crop water use that enables growers to optimise water and other agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and crop protection, while maximising yield and reducing costs and environmental impact”, said Dotan Eshet, CEO of Treetoscope. “We are thrilled to partner with Toro, a global market leader, to provide their customers with our intuitive irrigation management platform that delivers high Return on Investment and has demonstrated an improvement in crop yield.”

Overwatering imposes further strain on limited water resources, contaminates aquifers with fertilizer and other chemicals that are present in the soil, and increases costs, while underwatering leads to poor crop yields and unhealthy trees. Treetoscope’s easy-to-use irrigation management platform helps growers manage their irrigation with unparalleled precision – a critical tool with historic heatwaves and droughts as seen this year, predicted to become increasingly frequent and extreme. While the platform is available initially for a selection of permanent crops, including almond, avocado citrus, apples, and wine grape trees, additional crops will be added over time as validation trials are completed.

“Toro Ag is excited to partner with Treetoscope, and for the value that this solution will bring to our customers and our industry,” said Neville Mody, General Manager, Toro Ag Americas. “Delivering simple, specific, and actionable information will make irrigation management tools more accessible to a wide range of growers. These tools empower our customers seeking to improve water use efficiency, protect and enhance yields, and manage input costs in the face of increasing strain on resources.”

Treetoscope around the world:
● Italy: Apple and pear trials at Aquacampus, the R&D branch of Canale Emiliano- Romagnolo, the main water-delivering infrastructure in the Po Valley
● Italy: Citrus tree trials with irritec, a major Italian irrigation company
● Spain: Almond and citrus trees in Andalucia, with the University of Sevilla
● United States: Avocado trials with the world’s largest avocado distributor, Mission Produce
● United States: Almond and walnut trials with the University of California Davis
● United States: Wine grapes trials with Washington State University
● Israel: Wine grapes trials with the largest winery in Israel, Carmel Wineries
● Israel: Wine grapes, avocados, citrus, apples, almonds with leading research institutes

For example, in Spain – 25% less precipitation in 2022
• According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Spain has received only an average of 478,5 mm of precipitation in 2022, a 25,3% lower than normal value
• An estimated loss for Spanish agriculture in 2021-2022 of between €8 and €10 billion according to El Economista and Expansion.

To date, Treetoscope has raised more than 4million USD in partnerships with private companies and public bodies and as the company looks to expand its offering in Europe, is actively seeking additional partners to grow and meet European market demand for its irrigation platform management.

The partnership with Toro is the company’s largest in North America. Treetoscope is a SaaS service and has partnerships in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

About Treetoscope
Established in 2020, Treetoscope is an Israeli company that developed breakthrough technology for direct plant monitoring. The company offers its innovative services to farmers in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, helping them reduce production costs, increase yields, and optimize their water resources. Treetoscope is currently expanding its activities to new territories and more crops. Visit to learn more.

About The Toro Company
The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment including turf and landscape maintenance, snow and ice management, underground utility construction, rental and specialty construction, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. With sales of $4 billion in fiscal 2021, The Toro Company’s global presence extends to more than 125 countries. Through constant innovation and caring relationships built on trust and integrity, The Toro Company and its family of brands have built a legacy of excellence by helping customers care for golf courses, sports fields, construction sites, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties and agricultural operations.

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