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The New Technology Solution for the Loss of Agricultural Products

ClariFruit Introducing a revolutionary simple approach for measuring the ripeness of fruits

According to FAO, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, there is today a loss of about 45% of agricultural products world-wide, as a result of inaccurate ripeness measurements.The reason for this situation is that these check-ups are carried out manually and are not standardized.

ClariFruit is a startup at a seed stage, introducing a revolutionary yet simple approach for measuring the ripeness of fruits – e.g., grapefruits, and vegetables – e.g.,  ‘cherry’ tomatoes. Obviously, ripeness includes such parameters as freshness, durability, and taste.

Today, there is no universal standard for the above-mentioned parameters. There are only local standards.  The company has recently entered this lacuna. This, in introducing a breakthrough technology. The aim of this breakthrough technology is to facilitate check-ups of fruits and vegetables ripeness grade in such a way that these check-ups become simple, straightforward, common-place, and last but not least cost-effective.


Today, there are a few means at the disposal of the people who make up the food supply chain – whether they are growers,   wholesalers, retailers and even  the consumers themselves – for measuring  fruits and vegetables ripeness. This, in order to determine the ripeness grade of fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking, these means are stand-alone means, each verifying only one parameter, e.g., color, dry matter, size, sugar content, etc.

With ClariFruit technology one could measure all the above-mentioned fruit and vegetable parameters and more. For example, the fruit’s BRIX, acidity, firmness, dry weight, color, size, stains, variant and more. What’s more, the user is able to determine his or her exact location (which is retrieved from the user’s cell-phone, which has a built-in Global Positioning System-GPS), weather conditions, and date and time of the measurements. These data are instantly uploaded to a cloud data base and are then analyzed by an innovative, tailor made BigData algorithm.


The ClariFruit technology integrates with SCIO sensor, produced by ‘Consumer Physics’ company, and is based on near Infra-red light beam-based, handheld molecular probe, which actually measures internal fruit properties like, for instance BRIX, dry weight, acidity, etc. In addition, in using the smartphone’s high-resolution photographic possibilities, one can also acquire external attributes of the fruit/vegetable under examination, such as color, size, form, etc.

And, as already mentioned, all sampling data, as well as additional statistical information and reports, are available online for post-sampling and post-production analysis (traceability), the result of which is that the process of decision-making at all stages of the food supply is made easier! At the moment Clarifruit’s algorithm supports only ‘cherry’ tomatoes and grapefruits.

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