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The advantages of a custom-built plastic pipe extruder

Why your Business Needs a Custom Built Plastic Pipe Extruder

As internet based technologies advance into the manufacturing sector, connected machinery promises to increase manufacturing productivity and capacity. In the world of plastic pipe extrusion, an industrial 4.0 connected extruder can save you time and money by synchronizing with the rest of your production line.

While it is important to have an extruder featuring the latest technology, a  more important factor to consider is what the extruder contains. Many extruder machines on today’s market feature components that are built in-house, as opposed to outsourced from an industry leader like Siemens or Zambello. Ensuring that your extruder is constructed exclusively of quality parts, ensures that you can expect it to last for a long time, requiring only minimal repairs.

So, we have explained why it is important to find an extruder with quality parts that features the latest internet based technology. But what if you need a custom solution for a special product that you manufacture? Finding a machinery supplier who can provide you with custom alterations to an extruder is paramount to your business success.

Many pipe manufacturers diversify their product mix by offering specialized plastic pipe products that feature 3 layered pipe. 3 layered pipe uses a unique manufacturing process that allows pipe producers to utilize up to 80% recycled materials in their pipes. This means that the outer and inner layer of PE or PVC pipe can be comprised of quality virgin raw material, while the center core material (80% of the pipe) is made of off-spec or recycled materials. This allows manufacturers to save money while producing a greener product for environmentally conscious consumers. Unfortunately, this process requires a specialized die-head and additional extruders.

DRTS manufactures custom extruders that can help you reach your manufacturing goals. For example, DRTS has just launched a new high capacity extruder, featuring a compact co-extruder to help manufacturers save on costs and factory space. This particular extruder features only the highest quality components and is capable of extruding 300 KG per hour.

If you are looking to refurbish your old extruder with newer parts and increase its capacity, or if you are a new manufacturer planning your first pipe extrusion line, DRTS has a custom solution for you. 


Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@drts-corp.com for more information.

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