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TEFEN Developing Solutions that Meet new Regulations

AccuRite – a new product from Tefen
Protection of the environment is not a passing trend, but rather a dynamic phenomenon. Part of this development is the introduction of regulations that will require farmers to use pesticides and herbicides in a closed system, which will prevent leakage to the soil and environment and will protect the user by minimizing his contact with hazardous chemicals. This regulation will apply initially in Europe, but given past experience, it will be adopted by many countries around the world, including Israel.
BASF and other pesticide manufacturers have joined forces to develop an innovative cap: “easyconnect” that incorporates an inner cap that enables the opening and closing of containers without exposing the pesticide to the atmosphere. Containers equipped with an ‘easyconnect‘ cap, together with a dedicated device – CTS Coupler, provide an edge-to-edge solution for the direct transfer of materials intended for spraying from the container to the sprayer, in a closed system without exposure to the environment.
Due to Tefen’s vast experience and high reputation in dosing precision, leading chemical companies in Europe and Israel approached TEFEN to develop a dedicated device. TEFEN has developed the – AccuRite CTS coupler, an advanced electromechanical device that transfers the spraying material in a fully closed system. It is a smart, intuitive, safe, and efficient solution adapted to the upcoming regulatory requirements.

Herbicides and pesticides are essential materials for agricultural use since their purpose is to preserve crops. Nevertheless, the uncontrolled use of these materials can be harmful and, in some cases, irreversible– to the soil and the groundwater. Moreover, they constitute a risk for the user himself. These circumstances led various European countries to establish a series of regulations for herbicide/pesticide spraying, some of which will require farmers to use spray equipment that operates exclusively in a closed system.
The aspiration is that by 2030 each country on the European Continent will only use a closed crop spraying system; already by 2024 the regulation is to take effect in Denmark, Holland, and Belgium, and about a year later in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, and England.
Chaim Schwartz, former CMO at Tefen, and appointed this year as VP of business development, is leading the entire process of development, production, marketing and distribution of the AccuRite CTS. This device is currently in its final development stages, and will presumably be available for sale to customers toward the end of 2023.

The new AccuRite CTS coupler, developed by TEFEN, offers full control over the process, by enabling precise setup of the volume required for specific crop spraying. The user may choose full or partial container drainage if the total amount is not required and may use the remainder later. As part of the notion for increasing the preservation of environmental quality, thorough flushing of the herbicide containers is required in order to enable reuse. This device is capable of rinsing the tank at the level of cleaning required by the ISO regulation, all of which is done automatically.

Tefen focused on optimal user experience during the development process of the device. Therefore, AccuRite offers smart yet simple and friendly user-friendly operations, ensuring user safety and contributing to environmental protection. ,
The device is operated electrically and designed for various sized tanks, from one to 20 liters, fitted with an “easyconnect” cap. It is designed to work under harsh and severe field conditions, including dust, wind & rain.
The user-friendly control allows full control of the process. From the outset, the user selects the relevant amount of liquid, and while watching the panel display can track the amount remaining in the tank during and after use. In case of an emergency or fault, the transfer process can be stopped at any time, and the tank can also be released from the device when necessary.
According to Schwartz, this unique device provides a substantial solution for day-to-day challenges that farmers currently cope with – maximum precision for the amount of material, safety for the environment and the user, issuing records, and more.

Innovative product, Rebranding
Along with the development of the new product which has occupied the company during the last year, Tefen has renewed its branding to express and refine company values. The new message focuses on Tefen’s commitment to providing innovative, sustainable solutions for the evolving needs of its customers. Beyond the novel appearance and catchy slogans, Tefen is fully committed to continuing to provide quality and sustainable solutions and a positive user experience to its customers and partners, who have always been a guiding light for the company.
This past year has constituted an important step up for the company, as it entered an area requiring regulation and created a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. All of these have motivated Tefen to refine the messages and values upon which the company’s activities are based: sustainability, quality, and user safety.
The new branding encompasses all the company’s activities and includes an innovative, user-friendly website, and an application for Tefen’s pumps that provides all the necessary tools the user might need in the field. All of these and more are designed to make information about Tefen and its solutions accessible and available, in a simple and efficient manner. Tefenitely!

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