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Saving the Olive Trees

Israel-Palestinian and Jordanian initiative for saving olive tree species being in extinction threat

For thousand years the olive trees are a sign for blessing and profusion, but due to fire and neglect, the number of species is decreasing drastically from 40 to 3.

A unique research in the past years initiated by the Volcani center, Palestinian and Jordan trying to save the trees.

The research will include genetic and morphologic characterization of the trees and producing olive oil in order to estimate the chemical and nutrition characterization of the tree.

Also, as part of the project, the researchers are collecting cuttings from the old trees and implanting them for replant in a special lot that have been allocated for the project.

The new nurture lot will enable keeping preserve the trees and manage future studies over the trees.

The main purpose of the project is preserving the ancient species of olive trees in Israel.

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