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Protected lid against vandalism for Dorot Water Meters

Dorot developed a protected lid made of polycarbonate to protect from vandalism.

For several years, Dorot control valves is successfully marketing “Dorot Waternet”. This is an innovative system of water meters integrated with telecom and management software for remote reading of water meters.
The system relies on some of the most advanced technologies and is able to guarantee reception of 99.9% of all water meters at any given time.
The advantage of the “Waternet” system is that it allows broadcasting a variety of data and alerts from the water meter directly to the control center. Locating water leakage, identifying irregular consumption, early notification of stopped water meters, sabotage and attempted water theft.
Following the needs of Dorot’s water meters consumers, Dorot developed a protected lid made of polycarbonate to protect the water meter against vandalism or deformation and to prevent damage to the glass that protects the internal electronics. The protected lid has an “Indicator” that notifies when there was an attempt to sabotage or remove the protective lid.

The protective lid connects to the water meter by built-in brackets that secure it to the water meter, making it difficult to disconnect without unique tools. With any attempt to dismantle the protective lid from the water meter, the brackets deform allowing visual identification of sabotage attempts. Unlike similar components which are connected by a pin that can be pulled out and dismantled without leaving an incriminating mark.
The product is primarily intended for implementation by municipal water corporations that install tens of thousands of water meters in each project, for example the projects carried out by Dorot in Rahat and Nazareth water corporations.

Dorot protective lid ensures an efficient and reliable solution to the problem of water meters sabotage. This solution has been implemented with impressive success and proves itself in international projects undertaken by Dorot’s subsidiaries and partners worldwide.
Note that the protected lid is designed for Dorot’s Multi-Jet water meters only with
diameters of 1/2″ to 1″.
For more information: Yacov Wuhl , Dorot water-meters manager, Mobile: 054-5649750,

Tel’: 08-6808903, yacovw@dorot.com

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