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Palram Industries Innovative Roofing for Garden Cenetres and Commercial Greenhouses

The structures' roofing and cladding were designed to be low maintenance, weatherproof and corrosion-proof


For over 50 years Palram Industries has been manufacturing and providing global roofing and cladding solutions for greenhouses, warehouses, barns, cowsheds, poultry coops and pigpens.


The structures’ roofing and cladding were designed to be low maintenance, weatherproof and corrosion-proof.
Our agricultural roofing products reduce condensation and assist in maintaining ideal long-term light conditions.


Palram has recently introduced selective light transmission roofing panels for greenhouses, gardening centeres and retail outlets selling plants and accessories to the private gardening sector.

Palram’s Agricultural Applications Manager Nachshon Steif explains the advantages of Palram’s selective light infiltration roofing panels.

Nachshon says that “sales’ nurseries are governed by two key factors: seasonality and the length of time the plants remain at the nursery”.

Seasonality – Weather conditions and holiday periods tend to determine peak seasons and require outlets to operate seasonally, all of which affect staffing considerations, soil use, energy costs and investment return.




Nachshon adds that “despite the plants being on display for a relatively short time, the nursery must still ensure that customers are offered attractive, high quality plants with healthy foliage. At the same time, the greenhouse must provide amenable conditions to the customers, with the inherent dilemma, namely that ideal plant conditions differ from ideal people conditions”.


Palram has risen to this challenge and developed a selective light transmission panel. One surface of which allows in ideal plant growing light, while the other surface filters out radiated heat (Infra-Red), thus reducing heat accumulation within the greenhouse. Palram’s commercial name for this selective light solution is “SolarSmart”, and it filters transmission of light and solar energy in transparent sheets while allowing for versatile specification per project. These panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting outwards excess of heat generating Infrared radiation.


In regions where summers are characterised by high solar radiation, SolarSmart panels create a client-friendly heat and light environment while contributing to reduced artificial lighting or air-conditioning costs.


In more temperate regions, panels facilitating maximum light transmission for plants and good thermal insulation are used to minimise the need for artificial heating.


Installation of SUNTUF Plus corrugated polycarbonate commercial greenhouse- watch our video


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