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NetBeat™ – The First Irrigation System with a Brain

Netafim Launches the World's Most Innovative Digital Irrigation System

netbeat™ – the first irrigation system with a brain – is an irrigation and fertigation management system that integrates monitoring, analysis and automation into a single platform, enabling farmers to maximize productivity any time, from anywhere.

netafim has chosen agritech 2018, the high-profile international agricultural exhibition taking place this week in tel aviv, to launch netbeat™ – the world’s first and most advanced digital irrigation and fertigation management system.

netafim, who pioneering drip irrigation more than 50 years ago, leading the world’s first revolution in precision agriculture, brings today its wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of agronomy and hydraulics to lead the digital farming revolution.

netbeat™ provides farmers with real-time recommendations based on data pertaining to plant, soil and weather conditions obtained from both sensors in the field and external sources. this data is analyzed in the cloud, according to proprietary dynamic crop models, developed by netafim based on 50 years of unique experience and research in the field of agronomy and hydraulics.

based entirely on israeli technology, netbeat™ was developed in collaboration with mprest, developers of the command & control platform used in the iron dome air-defense system.
netbeat™ is the first platform of its kind to integrate monitoring, analysis and automation in one system, controlled by the farmer through a friendly and simple user interface, that provides optimization and smart recommendations throughout all stages of the crop lifecycle, saving water, fertilizer and other inputs and improving profitability.

netafim is an innovative company that’s constantly looking for creative technology solutions that help the world grow more food with less resources. adoption of advanced agricultural technologies, including innovative digital solutions, is becoming increasingly necessary to address the growing need for greater food production while ensuring more efficient use of natural resources”, says ran maidan, ceo and president of netafim. “from companies cultivating large areas of land to smallholder farmers in developing countries, netbeat™ gives every farmer a way to maximize results and enjoy an accessible, friendly and advanced interface,” adds meidan.

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