Precision Irrigation

Irrigation Control to Increase Global Food Production with a Smart System

The system's unique algorithm is based on the correlation between the plant's stress level and the volume of water in the soil

innovative ideas are being harnessed to help feed an increasing global population. this is where supplant’s smart system for irrigation control can help farmers everywhere to produce more food from their available resources in order to meet the growing demand.
faced with a wide range of challenges that include climate change, soil type, available resources and ever more restrictive agricultural regulation, the farmer can be helped to overcome them with this cutting-edge system whose on-site methodology is based on human reasoning and endeavor.
supplant has developed a water saving technology that optimizes its use by calculating the precise quantity required by each plant under given soil and climatic conditions, and delivering not a drop more and not a drop less than the plant needs.
agronomists, engineers, mathematicians, and business experts are among the many professionals developing the sensor based system, which operates according to mathematical variables while taking every aspect of plant growth in the farmer’s field into account.  however, it was supplant’s holistic perspective that eventually led them to an overall solution for the farmer to improve water control and overcome irrigation limitations.

the system’s unique algorithm is based on the correlation between the plant’s stress level and the volume of water in the soil.  this fully autonomous irrigation system works on the basis of how much water the plant needs after the input of the relevant analyzed data.   in addition, the farmer receives real-time reports and data on issues such as the state of the soil, the plant’s condition, and the prevailing climatic conditions, all of which allow him/her to control what is happening in the greenhouse, orchard or large field – and rely on the system to deliver precise irrigation instructions for the plant to yield optimal produce.  




supplant sells its system globally on a commercial basis to individual farmers in countries of the developed world while in developing countries, the company works with government entities and major corporations.

one such development involved a meeting between oded rahav the company’s vice-president for business and the representatives of the governments of morocco and other middle eastern countries at a recent agricultural summit meeting in morocco, where oded learned about the problems of arid lands on a national scale and the potential of supplant’s irrigation control system to increase food quantities in those countries. 

“over the past year we have witnessed considerable expansion at supplant including penetrating new markets all over the globe”. ori ben ner, the chief marketing officer also pointed to more intensive activities in israel, including furthering the company’s aims by entering into joint ventures with leading companies in the business such as bermad, and naan dan jain. 


the use of the software in our innovative irrigation system helps the above companies improve the use of their own irrigation products with consequent better sales.  the same advantage applies to the adama company’s core products (bio-stimulants).  

this cooperation improves the contribution of israeli agriculture and technology to increasing the quantity of food worldwide and supplant welcomes this development and encourages its growth.  
 motivated by its vision, innovation and originality supplant reaches out to the four corners of the globe, bringing modern technology to 14 of the worlds’ largest countries including regions such as india, south africa and south america. “the tremendous advances made in agriculture and technologies in israel have allowed us to establish a foothold throughout the world wherever our experience and methods can be advantageous.”  these advantages have led to considerable expansion as the resulting high yields and improved quality bring about high demand for our services. 

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