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Netafim Awarded HR Prize

Netafim has been awarded the Excellence in HR Competition held by the Israeli Society for Human Resource Management, Research and Development (Society).

Netafim announced today that the Company has won the 2015 Excellence in HR Competition held by the Israeli Society for Human Resource Management, Research and Development (Society). Selected among dozens of candidates, Netafim was honored at a gala ceremony today.


Netafim took first place in the Strategic Partner (for large organizations) category for its recently launched human resource (HR) project. Anchored by a strategic process headed by Netafim’s Commercial and HR Divisions, the project led to the creation of an organizational backbone. Comprising the Company’s purpose, vision, mission and values, the backbone will be used to direct Netafim’s internal and external activities, to support pursuit of its vision, and to underscore its strength.


“Netafim’s project is unique, original and inspiring within the HR world,” Dr. Shlomit Kaminka, Selection Committee Chairperson and Society CEO, said. “Our committee had great praise for its scope, professionalism and depth. We were also pleased that Netafim successfully leveraged techniques taken from positive psychology to creatively shape its organizational culture.” In addition to Kaminka, the committee included Prof. Ilan Meshulam, Prof. Asya Pazi, Dr. Yael Livneh, and other senior academics from varied Israeli institutions of higher learning, along with high-level HR officials and other Society members.


“In the framework of this process, we succeeded in creating a vision and set of values that will enable us to continue leading the global irrigation industry and change the face of agriculture worldwide,” said Ran Meidan, Netafim CEO. “Throughout the process, we involved as many employees and managers as possible, among the thousands of Netafim staff across the globe. Together with the final process outputs, this involvement strengthens our organizational resilience and empowers us to continue growing and moving ahead. We are already witnessing the positive results of the process this year, and are proud that leadership and innovation are integral to all that we do at Netafim.”


“Over the last two years, we spearheaded, together with our Commercial Division, a process aiming to define Netafim’s mission, vision, purpose and values,” Maya Perry-Mitelpunkt, Netafim’s Global Organizational Development Director, said. “The joint process included analysis of employee success stories based on the Appreciative Inquiry model. We learned about past and present success factors as well as the quantum leap we need to take in order to fulfill our vision. We’re proud of the cooperation and interest our employees demonstrated in creating an organizational backbone, and are impressed by the way it was assimilated across the company within just a few months after being introduced.”


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