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Natural Gas improves efficiency and reliability in Agriculture

A unique heat circulation system has been integrated

Energy Industry Ltd. has installed advanced heating systems adapted to run on natural gas in an extensive project for Cohen Greenhouses (Cohen Propagation Nurseries) in the Gedera area.
Cohen Greenhouses are one of the world’s largest growers of house plant cuttings, mostly for export.

This innovative project covers an area of about 15 acres and maintains the highest possible standards. Zion Suki, CEO of Energy Industry Ltd reported that the company had installed there a dual-purpose heating system which could work using either natural gas or fuel oil.
This system can therefore be operated with fuel oil during the interim period until the site is connected up to the national natural gas network.
In the event of any temporary interruption in the gas supply in the future, then the system could revert to using fuel oil at any time. A unique heat circulation system has been integrated into the greenhouses and it is based on specially designed fine pipes with a wide surface area.
The system, developed by Solomon (Shlomo) Borowski of Energy Industry Ltd ensures a uniform heat distribution, thereby saving 30% of the energy consumption while maintaining an even and constant temperature in the greenhouse even when extreme cold prevails outside.

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