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Microgreens – Fresh and Healthy, too

2BFRESH presents new products in new packaging

Recent studies indicate that all types of microgreens contain a vitamin concentration 10 to 15 times their amount in mature produce. A person who consumes 15 grams of microgreens is as if he/she had eaten 200 grams of mature produce. To illustrate, if you eat 15 grams of microgreen broccoli, it’s as if you ate 10 broccoli stems.


2BFresh identified this fact and is introducing a new product to the market from the microgreen family that maintains high nutritional values and attractive appearance, in two colors – red and white:  a pack of “mini-radishes” and “mini-turnips”, a pair of mini-greens that is also included in the “Chef Kit”, the round package that contains 4 types of micro-leaves serving as a garnish for different dishes.

Aiming to emphasize these high nutritional values, the company has switched its product packaging to convey the health message. Introduction of the new packaging will take place at the company’s pavilion at the upcoming F.L. Fair in Berlin in February 2019.

Demand for micro products is increasing, so to supply it 2BFRESH  is expanding its production facilities. The company currently grows microgreens at two sites in Israel: at Moshav Olesh (Emek Hefer), and in the Arava. In addition, they have established a plantation in Switzerland that serves the local market. Swiss consumers enjoy the possibility of purchasing these products at 350 sales points in local marketing chains.

“Last summer,” Avner tells us, “the company began to produce in France as well, in order to supply local market demand and to provide consumers with a product of the very highest freshness.” The cultivation is done through a local strategic partner. “This is the company’s way of entering markets abroad,” Avner notes, “since in Israel demand is also rising steadily, and we seek to be well prepared for all the markets that demonstrate a demand for our products.”
2BFRESH is a subsidiary of the veteran company “Teshuva Agricultural Projects” that sets up hydroponic projects around the world. About a year ago the company developed a hydroponics unit for small farmers – TAPKIT. The standard size of such a unit is 500 sq. m. It reaches the customer in a container, and includes all the equipment for full installation of the greenhouse. All the farmer has left to do is to plant the seedlings that he wishes to raise.


This system was presented initially at the Agri-tech exposition, and has since been sold to several places around the globe. Avner says that company staff have been surprised to discover anew each time that the greenhouse answers various needs. For example, in Mauritius 4 units have been ordered already to be installed at vacation sites; in South Korea 2 units have been ordered that will constitute a model to be sold to small farmers. The buyer will set up the model greenhouse and will be responsible for distribution. In the Philippines, as well, one unit has already been installed, and in the near future 3 units will be installed in Miami, and another unit at an old age home in New York State, with the purpose of serving the local kitchen and to act as a therapeutic employment means for the residents.

2BFRESH‘s new products and positioning of the new packages will participate in the Fruit Logistica Fair to be held in Berlin between 6-8 February 2019, at the Export Institute pavilion- Hall B, CityCube

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