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Hishtil, Leading Seedling Grafting Celebrated Its 40th Anniversary

1500 guests attended this event

Hishtil is a world leader in seedling grafting technology, producing over 80 million seedlings a year in this manner.

The 40th anniversary of Hishtil, a plant nursery production company in Israel, was celebrated with the participation of 1500 guests, both Israeli and from abroad. The event was attended by Ashkelon’s mayor Itamar Shimoni and took place at the plant nursery in Ashkelon.

Yehezkel Dagan, the founder of Hishtil, welcomed the guests and recounted how the Company was established on the basis of the groundbreaking concept to supply farmers with ready seedlings, which eliminated the need for them to deal with the difficult stage of crop seeding, and attending to young seedlings as they emerged. This vision became a reality, despite those who doubted its chances to succeed and despite the challenges it encountered over the years.

Amit Dagan, the general manager, said that the 40 years feel like a lifetime ago. However, contrary to Moses who saw the Promised Land but did not enter it, the majority of the Company’s founding generation is still with us, showing us the way forward. He thanked the employees, customers, suppliers who had shared the journey with the Company, and with whose help it has fulfilled its vision to be become a leading, innovative plant nursery production company in Israel and worldwide.

Hasin Gorban, Hishtil’s longest-serving employee, moved the audience with her story of how she started to work at the nursery in Kfar Yedidya, in the height of the summer, and how she decided, despite the difficulties, “to give it a chance for couple of days”. A couple of days turned into 37 years. It still goes on, as are her professional and personal development.

Hishtil’s book, which was prepared especially for the event, describing its accomplishments over the years was handed out to the guests. Hishtil plant nurseries are spread across several locations throughout the country. In addition, the company manages plant nurseries in collaboration with partners in Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, and France.


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