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Hishtil adapts to the changing climate environment

'Durabello™'- A new series of herbs and perennials, suitable for home gardening in under temp. stress and drought conditions

home hobbies have extended in the past two years, especially when it comes to home grown herbs and vegetables, that has become a popular hobby in different countries around the world. many have been independently growing herbs on their windowsills, plants or flowerbeds.  but while israel and the rest of the middle east countries are used to gardening and plant growing in a hot and dry climate, european countries have encountered this type of climate only in the past several years, leading them to seek for solutions for home growing herbs in a new and unknown climate. 

until several years ago in european countries such as germany, austria, england and the netherlands, citizens have been used to a completely different kind of weather. local rain or drizzle during the summer season were not unusual and the temperatures during these months weren’t too high. the global warming effect is significant in these countries, with temperatures rising higher than usual and a noticeable change in the rain scattering during the year. the dry climate along with the irregularity of precipitation, have brought the citizens to seek for home growing herbs that can be grown in under temp. stress and drought conditions. mainly heat and dryness.



‘hishtil’ is well known for its knowledge and specialty in the herb producing field. the israeli based company is well acquainted with drought conditions; heat and dryness. hishtil has decided to utilize their specialty and adapt their products to the new climate conditions created in europe and providing the solution for their clients. the company, a leading one in the vegetable seeding and herb industry, local and international, launched a new line of products, by the name ‘durabello™’. this line of products includes varied types of herbs that can be grown in under temp. stress and drought conditions.
adjusting the crops to the new reality:


most herbs are originally from countries located in the middle east, countries that are well used to a dry and hot climate and rainless summer. the herbs that are grown in these countries adjust their selves accordingly and are able to develop even in radical dryness and minimum watering.  this is the data that hishtil used when establishing the new line of products- durabello™, which includes all dryness and coldness adjusted plants. the variety of herbs in the middle east is quite large, and from this variety were selected plants that can survive low temperatures that reach down to minus 15 degrees and survive a long period of time without regular watering. every type in this series is sold with a detailed description of the type’s characteristics and a preferable growing location. 

for example, these are water saving plants:
– lavandula angustifolia beezee™ ‘dark blue’
– thymus vulgaris ‘faustinoi’
– micromeria fruticosa.


for the full list of plants in durabello™ line. 


hishtil has been able not only to read and understand the new reality, but also to adjust their products accordingly and supply a solution for the growing demand from europe for these kinds of plants. the company continues to produce and manufacture adapted products in the herb and vegetable seeding industry, lead and innovate in gardening and agriculture under changing climate conditions due to global warming. 


this article is part of the digital issue agriculture in arid zones

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