"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for lifetime"

agri-tar, offers vast experience and expertise in many areas of modern agriculture, while taking diverse climate and market conditions into account.


agritar turnkey projects offer an integrated concept and tailor-made services


agri-tar’s one stop shop concept

  1. serving as an accessible entry point for investors in need of regulatory compliance with regulations and know how;
  2. improving service quality and speed;
  3. performing pre and post investment screening for the purpose of matching investors and investments with a particular country on a project-by-project basis;
  4. providing pre-approval services to investors.

aquaculture solutions

agritar’s plug and playall-in-one water treatment systems for aquaculture increases fish productivity, has a minimal ecological footprint, enhances water conditions and significantly increases profitability.

the system

the system overcomes two key aquaculture challenges: limited water availability and buildup of toxic ammonia (excreted by the fish). the system biologically treats the water used to eliminate the ammonia buildup and oxygenates the water. this substantially cuts the amount of water needed. by enhancing water conditions, the system improves the overall ability of the fish to survive, grow, and reproduce, which significantly increases profitability and sustainability.


agri-tar’s cost-effective, plug-and-play water treatment system for land-based aquaculture costs a fraction of high-end water treatment systems. it requires minimal infrastructure and technical expertise.

the agritar unit operates with a variety of different aquaculture systems such as: extensive (land ponds), intensive (constructed ponds), and recirculated. agritar’s system enables fish growers to upgrade existing facilities whilst using already installed infrastructure and working methods.

the bottom line

  • reduces water use by 85%
  • increases fish yields
  • upgrades existing facilities
  • small footprint, low maintenance
  • low energy consumption

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