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Ginegar solutions for coping with extreme weather conditions

Ginegar is capable of coping with the challenges posed by the recent period, and of providing professionally trustworthy solutions for farmers

Ginegar, one of the world’s leading companies developing and producing climate control solutions, has recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding. Among the variety of their products are smart plastics, multi-layer smart covers and woven/ plastic shading nets for agricultural and industrial use. Ginegar products are sold in 60 countries worldwide, and their use enables farmers to cope with growing conditions and to reach better yields, qualitatively and quantitatively.

The climatic crisis in recent years has forced farmers to cope with extreme weather episodes that critically affect crops, especially when such events occur during crucial crop cycle periods. For example, heat waves cause unripe fruit to fall off and also sunburn to the fruit, or by contrast, frost, chilly weather and hail are liable to interfere with blossom and fruit development, and even total plant loss.

Extreme weather events, aside from mankind’s challenge to increase the quantity of agricultural products to meet world population growth, have spurred Ginegar to invest great resources in R & D, leading to production of new products that provide crop protection, make work processes more efficient, and are likely to protect the environment and its natural resources.


We present here a variety of solutions developed by Ginegar to help growers cope with climate changes.
Ginegar has developed in recent years multi-layered film sheets with mechanical and optic characteristics that make it possible to affect the amount and quality of light reaching crops, thereby adjusting the greenhouse climate to the plant’s needs.

One of our products designed to offer a solution for farmers’ new needs is a line of film sheet products called “Nectarine” – film sheets with a high UV radiation penetration rate, which is essential for honeybees’ and bumblebees’ visual and spatial orientation,  thus also improving ripening and fruit shape.
In global zones in which blossoming occurs when days are shorter (fewer light hours), the sheet assists in high UV penetration, thus contributing to accelerated growth, to faster sugar accumulation in fruit and a high Brix degree. The sheet also affects the leaf, fruit and flower color; in red lettuce, nectarines and strawberries it deepens the red color. Similarly, in the developing and expanding Cannabis sector in recent years, the sheet will contribute to increased flower quality, due to its high UV radiation penetration levels.


Another sheet characteristic that is important for intensive cultivation, is its high level of light diffusion. This characteristic is especially relevant for vegetable and raspberry growers using trellises. A high percentage of light distributed within the greenhouse cancels out the mutual shadows between the rows, between plants and between the tiers of plants, resulting in uniform growth and large high quality yields, with less direct radiation damage.

Another useful product line important for orchard growers is ground cover sheets. These sheets are available in different thicknesses and dimensions as well as various colors and coatings, and are highly useful for growers: the sheets cause reduction of soil evaporation, resulting in water savings and reduction of humidity levels around the plants. Reduction of humidity prevents landscaping diseases and decreases pesticide use.


Combining ground cover with drip irrigation maintains a constant soil humidity level, improves root development and reduces leakage of fertilizer and pesticide materials that are liable to pollute the soil and ground water, thus also contributing to maintenance of environmental resources. This type of sheet is used widely in vegetable greenhouses and various orchards.
Anti-Hail Nets – in order to protect against heat waves, extensive areas of apple orchards are covered by pearl colored Leno shading nets, with shade percentage ranging from 20-30%, according to variety. The screens are laid out during the summer when the trees bear fruit, and have proved their efficiency by improving fruit size and quality, protection against sunburn, efficient water usage and protection against natural damage.

Similar to apples, banana cultivation in Israel is usually done under Leno Crystal 10% shading nets, which create an improved production. In recent years research conducted by Dr. Navot Gelpaz from Northern Agriculture R&D has resulted in a better micro-climate for the crop and more efficient water consumption, along with improved yield quality and quantity by Leno Pearl 30%.

 Anti-Hail Nets have also demonstrated their efficiency in growing mangos when coping with the heat wave phenomenon, by covering the orchard with Leno Pearl 30% screens that create a micro-climate with lower temperature and higher humidity during a heat-wave. The screen has also been shown to be effective against sunburn, and also possibly reduction of immature fruit shedding.


In order to meet new challenges and to be capable of continuing to provide farmers with innovative solutions to current problems, Ginegar is constantly in touch with research institutions in Israel and abroad. In recent years it has been cooperating with researchers at Northern R & D, in order to discover a solution to the frost problem that inflicts great damage on banana growers. The solution currently under development is screens with a thermal effect that reduces the intensity of the frost, and in addition, no less important, is likely to provide adequate daytime shading after the frost, when actual damage is caused to the plant. Frost and chill damage are also significant for avocado, and a similar solution is being tested.

There is no doubt that only a company like Ginegar, with many years of experience in agriculture and first-hand familiarity with the problems facing farmers, is capable of coping with the challenges posed by the recent period, and of providing professionally trustworthy solutions for farmers and world agriculture – they are reliable!


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