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GateKeeper system on greenhouse tomatoes in Italy

Installing GateKeeper at the entrance of greenhouses prevented nearly 100% penetration of pests

edenshield is pleased to announce positive field trial results from an independent study conducted by a contract research organization using the gatekeeper system on greenhouse tomatoes in italy.
installing gatekeeper at the entrance of greenhouses prevented nearly 100% penetration of pests and led to a reduction of over 80% in the use of pesticides. the control greenhouses, which did not utilize the system, demonstrated 500% greater pest penetration. these encouraging results add to the company’s previous successes noted among leading tomato growers in beta sites in israel and spain. following these successful results, the company has begun sales of its gatekeeper systems in israel.

edenshield, a portfolio company of trendlines agtech, develops insect control solutions derived from natural plant extracts. the products are nontoxic, so they pose no danger to growers or consumers. they can be used throughout the growing period, especially during the critical pre-harvest period.

edenshield’s gatekeeper includes a sprinkler system that is installed at the entrance of the greenhouse. the sprinkler is designed to spray the edenshield net product intermittently throughout the daytime around the entrance and on the greenhouse netting — not on the plants themselves. the aromatic components of edenshield net, when sprayed on the greenhouse vents and netting, mask the odor of the plants, enhancing the protective capabilities of the greenhouse to prevent insect attraction, which makes the insects go elsewhere.

the gatekeeper system, widely marketed in israel, was installed in tomato, basil, and medical marijuana greenhouses in beta sites in israel and spain, parallel to the independent study in italy. all sites reported a reduction of over 80% in the use of conventional pesticides and in the incidence of plant viruses.

according to yaniv kitron, founder and ceo of edenshield, “we are delighted with gatekeeper’s results at various installations in israel, italy, and spain. we are especially pleased that leading growers who have tried gatekeeper acquired the systems for a large number of greenhouses after observing the system’s efficiency in substantially reducing viruses while significantly reducing the use and heavy expense of pesticides.”

the annual market for greenhouse pesticides is estimated at $2 billion, with a growth rate of about 5%. most products available today are based on hazardous, toxic chemicals and cannot be used close to time of harvest.

edenshield will demonstrate gatekeeper at the arava open day, the largest agricultural exhibition in israel, on january 20-21, 2016 (booth a83).



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