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Fitting Avocado sales to Market Requirements

Galilee Export – The high quality of avocadoes grown in Israel

The high quality of avocadoes grown in Israel, primarily in the Upper and Western Galilee, and the Jordan Valley, of the green cultivars as well as Hass and similar types, have won great acclaim in Europe’s markets, and demand for avocadoes is constantly rising.

However, that is not the only reason that the avocado is the leading product marketed in Europe by Galilee Export.  The technological capability available to the Company also enables it to supply customers with large quantities of produce according to demand within a relatively short time.

Galilee Export, founded seven and one half years ago, is now the second largest company in Israel for marketing and export of fresh produce. The company is owned by Milouot (which owns the Milopri Packing House) (63%), the Galilee Citrus Packing House (27%), and Gal Avocado (10%).  The company’s offices are in Or Yehuda, and it owns a subsidiary in Holland and a branch in France with two offices – in Paris and in southern France.

The company controls fruit marketing from Israel, where the big products are avocado, citrus and mango — in the citrus sector, primarily Ori tangerines and grapefruit. The lion’s share of these crops comes from the Upper and Western Galilee and the Jordan Valley. In addition, Galilee Export markets peppers from the Arava, Majhool dates from the Jordan Valley and the Arava; from the rest of Israel — pomegranates, persimmons, carrots, grapes and lychee.

The Milopri Packing House, whose growers are among the company’s owners, maintains an array for sorting, washing and packing of avocadoes, with optical technology using cameras. Thus, with a quick, quality sorting process, the company can pack huge quantities of produce according to customer demand, from a particular sized fruit to the preferred cultivar, including green and Hass avocado cultivars, while maintaining quality control conforming with European and American standards.


This capability provides Galilee Export with an advantage over competitors. That advantage is attested to by the great quantities of fruits and vegetables the company exports: avocado   — 31,000 tons, citrus – 20,000 tons, mango – 5,000 tons, pomegranate – 6,000 tons, dates – 3,000 tons, peppers – 10,000 tons, persimmons – 1,000 tons, grapes – 700 tons.  The company also intends to export 7,000 tons of carrots.
A further advantage available to Galilee Export is organized, orderly marketing, which permits preparation of an export program according to pre-orders, by sea and under conditions that insure maintenance of product quality. Since the company owns warehouses in France, some produce reaches target countries in Europe via short sea routes – from French ports to target ports.
Galilee Export Corporation plans to enter additional markets in Europe and to market Israeli quality avocado there, through local retailers as well, who already sell Israeli citrus and pomegranates successfully.
Eitan Tzvi, assistant corporate marketing manager, is preparing for the Fruit Logistica Fair: “This expo is the meeting place for customers and suppliers from the fresh produce sector. Since Galilee Export has much to offer this market, we intend to meet current customers, to introduce ourselves to new customers, and to continue our activity in the export of quality Israeli produce.”  


Galilee Export will participate in the Fruit Logistica Fair to be held in Berlin between 6-8 February 2019, at the Export Institute pavilion- Hall B, CityCube

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