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ExtendCast XC-Tomato another product for reducing food waste

The new packaging film that will grant benefits to growers

ROP Ltd., the company that specializes in packaging that extends shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables, is happy to introduce a new packaging film for round tomatoes, as well as cherry tomatoes.

The film is designed for using on Flow Wrap automatic packaging machine and is supplied as roll stock. It satisfies the needs of retailers/packers to pack their tomatoes in a fast, efficient way, and at the same time to preserve the fresh qualities of tomatoes longer.
The trials conducted were simulating the real-life supply chain of tomatoes, i.e. from distribution center (2 days at 15C), to point of sale (2 days at 24C), and finally to consumers’ house (14 days at 4C). It was found that the new packaging film offered the following added values to tomatoes


when comparing to unpacked and commonly used BOPP macro-perforated film packed tomatoes:
• Minimize weight loss
• Preserve firmness of the fruit
• Retain fresh and green stem and calyx
• Prevent development of decay and mold


At the end of the trial of round tomatoes, the comparisons of weight loss, firmness, and overall qualities of unpacked, BOPP macro-perforated film packed, and ROP film packed are presented below. 



Liav Bacharach, ROP manager mention “We are confident that the new packaging film will grant benefits to growers, retailers, and consumers, to reach our shared goal: reducing food waste”.

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