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ExtendCast XC-Cauliflower Preserves the Freshness and Eating Quality

The growers in the US adopted ROP new packaging solution for cauliflower

Liav Bacharach, CEO of ROP Ltd., said that ROP is entering into commercial phase with the largest growers in US who have already adopted this technology in their packaging products and are excited from the results that this bag gives them in the face of what they were used to in the past. 

The successful completion of the product development of ExtendCast XC-Cauliflower, which led by the head of the company’s Research and Development Department Dr. Wentao Jia, released a new packaging solution for cauliflower.

The packaging is tailor-made for cauliflower based on its respiration characteristics, mass and post-harvest process.

ROP ExtendCast XC-Cauliflower bag preserves the freshness status and eating quality of the packed cauliflowers for extended period of time (up to 3 weeks) at 1-3oC (34-37oF); and additional 3 days at higher shelf temperatures at 17-18oC (63-65oF) by:

• Prevention of discoloration (brown and black specs on curd, like in the photo)
• Preservation of firmness and compactness of the head
• Preservation of turgidity of the surrounding green leaves




The below photos show how ROP XC-Cauliflower retail bags preserved the freshness appearance of cauliflower after 5 days at cold storage (3oC) plus 3 days shelf (18oC), a standard supply chain in US market.  Full quality inspections including weight loss, color retention, mold growth, firmness, odor, and eating quality were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of XC-Cauliflower bag.





  Packing day                                                     After 5 days at 3oC plus 3 days at 18oC


The cauliflower packed in XC-Cauliflower retail bags can also be cold stored at 3oC for duration of 21 days, remaining good conditions of cauliflower head.





Cauliflower appearance on day 21 in cold storage. Before opening of the bag (left) and after removal out of the bag (middle and right). Both cauliflower head and the surrounding leaves were in excellent conditions.

XC-Cauliflower bags were designed to give gas composition of O2/CO2 as expressed in below graph for combined cold storage plus shelf life.



ROP’s retail bags have exceptional antifog properties and crystal clear presentations (see photos below). They are not only visually appealing thus increase consumer’s satisfaction and strengthen the brand, but also contribute to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.
Cauliflower packed in bags without antifog (left) and in ROP’s XC-Cauliflower bags (right).





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