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‘Danziger’ Adjusts Management Structure as Part of Growth Strategy

As part of an overall strategy toward increased growth and productivity, 'Danziger' has announced changes to its management structure.

These changes provide a strong foundation for maximum growth and position Danziger to produce even more of the creativity and innovation that are our signature,” says Micha Danziger, who will now serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


The company is a second-generation family business, realizing the dream Ernest and Zehava Danziger began more than 60 years ago. Under the new managerial structure, Micha Danziger will also act as CEO of Danziger Innovations and Danziger Seeds. Gaby Danziger will serve as the sole CEO of Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm, managing ongoing activities of the company and its related companies: Danziger Guatemala/Colombia/Ecuador and Beautyline Kenya. Beginning in January 2017, Ori Danziger will serve as Deputy CEO and will oversee all marketing and sales aspects of the company.


“We are confident that these changes will allow us to leverage our company’s ongoing progress to maintain the family like nature and the unique human capital of our company,” says Gaby Danziger.

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