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This year 'Gezer Shallit' will launch a new product -the Parsley Root

Gezer Shallit celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, marking 40 years of hard agricultural work, 40 years of experience, and 40 years of professionalism in delivering the highest quality product to our customers.
Since 1979 Gezer Shallit has been a family operated, Root Crop producing and marketing company.
In 1981, we began growing carrots, and since that time carrots have become our major crop. Our expertise and specialization in one crop have resulted in achieving better and sweeter, more appealing varieties of carrots. Our expertise also extends to the washing and packing processes, providing our clients with the best shape, taste and freshness achievable in carrots. Our unique packing and refrigerated transportation  to various markets keep our carrots perfectly fresh.

We excel in all stages of carrot production, including soil selection, farming and packing. Our packing facility is designed to ensure that the carrots we market are fresh and of high quality. Our newly built facility is of the latest design with washing and optical sorting machines, and refrigeration for hundreds of tons of carrots daily.

New – This year we are happy and proud to launch a new product that extends our repertoire: the Parsley Root.
Parsley root is a delicious quality product with lots of vitamins that help maintain ily strength and health.
We provide packaging according to our clients’ requirements at our state-of-the art facility.

The high quality of our products guarantees our superiority locally, as well as for our customers in both Western and Eastern Europe, the U.S. and Russia. 

We invite you to meet us in Fruit Logistica Fair to be held in Berlin between 6-8 February 2019, at the Export Institute pavilion- Hall B, CityCube


Come drink a toast with us to celebrate our 40th anniversary, a toast to progress, development and quality products for satisfied customers !

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