Precision Irrigation

Common Sensor For Efficient Watering and Fertilizing

An efficient method for watering and fertilizing plants

common sensor is manufactured using the most advanced technologies. it has been used and tested in various areas around the world.  the programs are copyrighted (u.s. copyright tx 7-804-260). 

with common sensor, the plant itself draws the required amount of water and at the required time by opening and closing the irrigation, in the plot or field where the plant is located.  the common sensor is autonomous, and also receives energy from solar panels.


common sensor’s ability to measure the amount of water in the soil where this product is installed is what makes the common sensor device so unique.  the common sensor works with all crops, plants and trees, in any field, and is compatible with all existing irrigation systems and at any stage of growth. it is also good for all types of water, including clean, saline and purified. 


there is only the need of one common sensor unit per field that has one source of water to deliver the proper amount of irrigation. the size of the field or plot is determined by the user, taking into account the ability of the source of water to supply the necessary amount of water to the relevant field. 

communication between the plants and the user allows for significant savings in water (an average of 50%), fertilizer and pesticides.  the common sensor prevents percolation (seepage to the aquifer) which will also prevent contamination of our sources of water by different substances.


as common sensor is connected by modern cell phone technology (gprs), allowing for proper transfer of data, it is possible to connect with the common sensor from anywhere to everywhere.

there is no need for the user to know and understand how the units work.  the success of the common sensor is in the final product.  the units are supervised in the main data center.


our studies have shown that a 10 square meter plot (that can even be found on a normal house roof or garden), it is possible for an average family to grow enough food for personal consumption throughout the entire year, while saving money for internet use, which is necessary for the operation of the common sensor units.

the common sensors are for:
1.  wherever there is a shortage of food, anywhere worldwide.
2.  whoever wishes to grow food free of pesticides.
3.  all places where saving water and fertilizers is important.  wherever there is a need for use of saline and purified water. 
4.  anyone who wishes to save and preserve a green environment for future generations. 

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