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‘Artificial Fog’ System for Climate Control and a Patent for Cleaning Solar Panels

The "Turbo Fog" system uses hydro-pneumatic technology

NaanDanJain, announced a number of new innovations and technologies at AGRITECH 2018 Show held last week in Tel Aviv.  Among other things, the company launched a system that produces “artificial fog” and a unique system for cleaning and washing solar panels.

The “Turbo Fog” system uses hydro-pneumatic technology and is used for climate control and cooling (such as in exhibition centers or theme parks during the summer), and for gentle irrigation purposes in greenhouses.

The size of the drops produced in the process of pumping water and air at low pressure is about 5 microns, so that the spray does not actually wet the sprayed area. Artificial fog is an important component in maintaining cool temperatures and preventing dehydration, especially in greenhouses.

The expected success of the system comes from the significant energy savings, the precise size of the droplets over time, the ability to change the size of the droplets, the distance of spray and flow as needed, and the ability to cover wide areas.


The “Spark” micro-sprinkler system, developed by NaanDanJain researchers under chief agronomist Maoz Aviv, is an innovative patented system designed for cleaning and washing solar panels. Solar systems require continuous maintenance after installation. Without regular cleaning, the output of the panels decreases significantly, resulting in calcification and corrosion. In industrial or agriculture areas, where there is a high percentage of dust in the air, there is a need for more frequent cleaning, which raises maintenance costs.

“The patent presented in the exhibition, which replaces current hand washing, is economical, easy to assemble and dismantle, easily attached  to almost every solar panel currently on the market and optimizes its washing”, says Aviv: “The system is modular, does not include moving parts in favor of maintaining a long life span, and is resistant to harsh weather, such as high temperatures, wind and dust. This is a unique solution that provides innovation, efficiency and significant operational savings.


The new development is part of Jain’s long-standing business in the field of green energy, as the company expands its range of solutions tailored to this rapidly growing field. “

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