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Argos – Tailor Made Advanced Agricultural Projects

Argos (Agri Project) Ltd. specialises in advanced worldwide agricultural projects tailor made for the client, the crop and climatic conditions.


Argos has recently completed the first stage of a project in Central Asia for growing hydroponic strawberries in hanging gutters for the local market. and extended of hydroponic peppers and tomatoes mainly for the Russian market.


Argos’s Motti Sharon says that the project presented a huge challenge due to the complex regional climate with its seasonal temperature extremes to which the system had to be adapted while increasing yields.





If current tomato yields average 100 ton/ ha or 50 ton/ ha for strawberries, we aim to more than double yields for some produce.’

Project technological standards are high and are reflected in the systems incorporated into the structures: Roofing – inflated roofs with air between the two layers, in consultation with Ginegar Co., to combat the low winter temperatures and save on heating bills.


All systems are modern and computerised: monitored fertigation, low temperature systems – controlled heating and aluminium thermal screens; high temperature systems – advanced cooling, natural and mechanical ventilation, and shading systems.


Water treatment systems: Since the nearest water source has high PH levels, a water treatment system for reducing PH levels is incorporated.

After erecting the structures and systems, we entered the second stage and flew in a range of strawberry varieties to assess their growing qualities by the summer.





The mother plants runners were planted, produced from them, which in turn are being cultivated to produce their own runners.

The objective is to reach a picking season up to early summer, 7-8 months from the autumn planting.

Argos will provide professional oversight for one year. At present, a local team is tending the plants with contact and support being provided

on a daily basis.


This is the first stage of a 2.5 ha project that is planned to increase to 10 ha.


Argos is currently establishing an additional project in Central America initially covering 6 ha.

The main crop consists of chilli, partly for fresh consumption and partly for an exclusive industrial application.

The project incorporates methods and technologies providing solutions for hydroponic crops in tropical heat and humidity, based on Argos’s years of experience in the region.

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