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A Top-Notch Fully-Soluble Acidic Fertilizer – PEKACID™

ICL Specialty introduces a new potassium phosphate fertilizer called PeKacid™.

pekacid™ is a highly acidic (ph = 2.2), potassium (k) and fully-soluble phosphorus (p) fertilizer formulated for fertigation applications for high bicarbonate content and/or calcareous soils irrigation waters. an “acid in the bag” product, the use of pekacid™ replaces the conventional application of technical- and agricultural -grade phosphoric acid, resulting in a safer, easier,  and more effective fertilization process.

pekacid™ is a nitrogen free crystalline product, as well as sodium and chlorine free. it is is an acidic pk fertilizer for fertigation with formula 0-60-20 (60% p2o5 and 20% k2o).


this product is intended for soil-less, as well as open-field horticulture fertigation applications. it is also well-suited for use in blends of fully-soluble fertilizers as a tool for incorporating calcium, magnesium and micronutrients into the mixed fertilizers.
pekacid™ has an anticlogging action and enhances nutrients’ uptake, due to its acidic nature.

pekacid™  is produced by an innovative and proprietary technology developed by in-house r&d. the fruit of intensive in-house development and technology, the patent-protected pekacid™, is manufactured with phosphates mined from the negev desert and the potassium extracted from the dead sea.

pekacid™  benefits


• concentrated p and k source: very high nutrients’ concentration (60 units p2o+20   units k2o, cl free)
• excellent physical properties: non hygroscopic, free flowing,  does not cake – easy transportation, handling, storage and application.
• quick and excellent dissolution in water in the field, even at low temperature (solubility: 670 g/l at 20°c)
• pekacid™ is the best choice for alkaline-hard and/or alkaline-calcareous soils irrigation waters.

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