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The people of Macedonia have fallen in love with Israeli grapes

Delegation from Macedonia arrived in Israel to learn about Israeli grapes

Sweet, stimulating and thirst quenching grapes are a summer fruit loved across the world, a fruit that once you’ve started eating, it’s difficult to stop. Now it seems that love of grapes extends across borders and people – an especially large delegation from Macedonia arrived in Israel a few days ago to learn about Israel’s innovative agriculture and, in particular, about Israeli grapes. This is the largest ever delegation from Macedonia to Israel.

Israel is considered to be one of the leading Western countries in all areas of agriculture, including grapes. In Israel, over 20 different varieties of grapes are grown of which some 80% (!!) are seedless due to the demands of the Western world. Grapes are grown on some 7,500 acres across the country and each year approximately 70,000 tons of grapes are sent to market.


The Macedonian delegation came to Israel after being exposed to advanced Israeli agriculture and especially the technologies used in the growing of grapes. The desire to learn from Israeli experience in the growing of grapes and the use of advanced Israeli agricultural techniques are what brought the delegation to Israel.


The Macedonian delegation learned about the various techniques used in Israel and also about the many varieties of grapes grown here in Israel. The delegation included academics, researchers, agricultural instructors and farmers. The delegation also learned methods of adjusting agricultural techniques to the challenges of a changing climate– especially in relation to grapes for consumption.


 The delegation visited grape marketing companies, vineyards in the Lachish region in the Negev where they were told how the grape industry is organized, about the many varieties available in Israel, the various growing methods and also marketing methods. The visit ending with a tasting of Israeli wines.

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