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The contribution of avocados to intestinal health

Avocados improve intestinal health

Research reveals:Avocados improve intestinal health
According to the study, adding the green fruit to the daily diet can improve the variety of friendly bacteria in the gut, which helps treat intestinal parasites.
Avocado experts from Granot Farmers: The status of Avocado as a Super-Food and its’ contribution to our health only gets stronger during the years. This is the time to enjoy the avocado that is coming to markets at the start of the season.

Eating avocados daily can benefit gut health, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois. The study found that daily consumption of avocados led to an increase in the variety of good gut bacteria and a higher concentration of bacteria that help break down fiber, which help produce the compounds produced in the metabolic process, which support overall gut health.


The study followed the health and nutrition status of 163 overweight adults. One group was asked to eat avocados daily, and the other group did not eat avocados at all. Among participants who ate one avocado daily for 12 weeks, the researchers found positive changes in gut bacteria, including increased bacterial diversity. “We know that eating avocados helps to feel full and reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, but we did not know how it affects the gut bacteria and the compounds that the bacteria produce,” says lead researcher Sharon Thompson. The study authors noted that avocados are also high in fiber and other studies have shown that high-fiber foods are good for healthy digestion.

According to experts in avocado growing by Granot Farmers, the link between the diversity of bacteria in the gut and better health has been proven in several studies, and scientists believe fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in improving gut health. An array of less diverse gut bacteria is linked to the development of obesity and many health problems.
Granot Farmers” is a company that markets, sells and distributes fruits and vegetables to food chains. The company is owned by the farmers from the kibbutzim and moshavim who are members of the Granot Corporation. The company owns about 25,000 dunams of avocado plantations and supplies about 40% of the avocados that Israelis eat, along with exports to the world’s leading food chains.

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