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Tefen’s High Precision, Quality Dosing Pumps

MixRite pumps guarantee injection of precision doses of additives or liquids into the water line, under a wide range of flow rates and pressures

Due to recently increasing concern about global warming and shrinking land and water resources, new technologies have been developed in the “precision agriculture” and “precision irrigation” category. These are intended to provide farmers with the most precise tools for producing the largest, highest quality yields per acre.

Existing precision irrigation systems provide farmers with weather data and forecasts of expected precipitation, in addition to information about plant requirements and soil condition. According to this information, the fertigation system ‘knows’ how to provide the precise amounts of water and fertilizer the plant needs. The key word in these systems is PRECISION! The goal is to provide the exact amounts of water and fertilizer that the plant requires, no more and no less. Precision agriculture results in efficiency and savings. The farmer doesn’t need to go the field as much, since the system does the work for him.


TEFEN is one of the world’s leading dosing pumps manufacturers. The company is located at Kibbutz Nahsholim on the Mediterranean, specializing in development and manufacture of two product lines: proportional dosing pumps and flow products. Tefen’s flow products are synonymous with quality and reliability, and alongside the irrigation sector, they are also utilized in the pneumatic and hydraulic fields.

One of the company’s advanced products is the MixRite proportional water driven dosing pump that operates without electricity. MixRite pumps guarantee injection of precision doses of additives or liquids into the water line, under a wide range of flow rates and pressures. MixRite pumps offer the optimal solution for various industries, including chemical and medical, water treatment processes and agriculture. The product’s simplicity and ease of operation and maintenance are just a few of its advantages. It’s not surprising, then, that this product is marketed in 90 countries worldwide, and the sky’s the limit!

Until recently, the agricultural fertilizer market, particularly for field crops and orchards, was the primary user of Tefen’s dosing pumps. However, about 4 years ago the potential use of proportional dosing pumps was identified for the livestock sector. MixRite pumps enable mixing additives, vaccines and medicines into the water in poultry enclosures. The pump’s unique characteristics offer a great advantage to livestock breeders. With that in mind, the company has acted in recent years to penetrate additional markets in livestock nutrition – sheep, pigs and cattle.


Various additional applications
Over the years MixRite pumps have added other applications, some of which were initiated byproduct users. Moran notes, “In some cases a customer uses the pump for a particular application, and after presenting it to us and demonstrating its efficiency, we can add it to the list of the product’s applications, and present the new option to additional customers. We constantly learn from the field!”
For example, beer manufacturers from Ireland use the MixRite pump to sanitize beer lines during the production process. They exploited the pump’s unique design (an external bypass), so that the injected material did not pass through the pump, but rather through the external outflow tube, thus enabling sanitization of the system.

In comparison with other pumps on the market, two additional important properties of the MixRite pumps are homogeneity and proportionality. The material injected into the pump is metered in proportion to the amount of water, exiting the pump uniformly (to illustrate, if we take a transparent pipe through which water is flowing, and add in a blue liquid, we will see the blue color flow uniformly, without interruption).
Operation and control – pump operation control can be performed in two ways: the most common of these is referred to as “Air Release” as well as On/Off option. This provides manual control, and the operator must be physically present near the pump in order to activate or turn it off.


The second way – is termed “electric/hydraulic control, a unique, innovative solution developed by Tefen two years ago, that enables automatic control of pump operation, via a computer signal.
Moran tells about a customer, the owner of a large ornamental tree nursery, who after trying the hydraulic control device on two pumps, decided to switch over from the familiar manual method to the new method on all six pumps in the nursery.
It is currently possible to order the pumps pre-assembled with the hydraulic controlled device, called the ‘electric on off remote control’.



Quality, precision results – aside from convenient operation, the additional advantage of the new operation method has a direct influence on fruit quality and fructose levels, achieved by control and supervision of fertilization dates using the irrigation controller.

Service and professionality – over the past two years, the company has recruited  a highly professional  sales and service staff, and established a service division extending from northern to southern Israel.  The team provides prompt professional response for every customer encountering a problem.

This new method positions Tefen as a leader in the precision irrigation area, installing its pumps as an essential part of a system that provides the farmer with higher quality, precision grown produce outcomes.
Tefen’s  goal is to continue offering customers  new products that will contribute to efficient, economical labor, and at the same time enable them to compete and to profit.
Tefen’s potential in agriculture and in livestock breeding is undoubtedly great, and quality products are its key to success!  

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