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Pelemix Brings Coir to Berry Market

Pelemix supplies high quality coconut fiber coir for the hydroponics market. An interview with Eli Shalmon at Agritech.

Hydroponics [soilless production] substrates using different nutrient solutions in the irrigation water is a sector growing in popularity. According to Pelemix’s International Marketing Manager Eli Shalmon, a number of factors are contributing to the growth in this market:

“The Hydroponics production method enables growers to get great crop results while saving water and fertilizer.  It also allows growers maximum control over the crop growth.  The water control and savings allows  hydroponic growers to meet the growing regulations in many countries, which have resulted from water scarcity.”


Pelemix’s coir [cocopeat] is shipped in condensed, ready to use packages, which expand when water is added, making them particularly efficient to transport. The company is currently building and expanding its offering to the berry market, with the target of reaching 10-12% of company sales to this market in the near future. 


Berry growing is strong in central Mexico, California, the UK and Morocco, and, according to Shalmon, addressing the market’s needs requires a tailor made approach: “Growing a blueberry in Mexico is not like growing a blueberry in the UK,” says Shalmon. “To bring customers the right coir for them, we create tailored products.  The climates and varieties are different, and so the particle distribution in our coir is different and suitable for each nation, even each grower’s, needs.”


Pelemix’s leading product for the berries segment is the HOT – High Open Top coir based . Most blueberry and rasberry growers are interested in growing each plant in separate containers. This product is a full plastic bag with drainage holes in its base, the upper part is completely open. Inside the plastic bag there is a compressed slab of coir- cocopeat that will expand when irrigated with water. The mix type developed by Pelemix’s R&D department is already in use at leading big operations in different territories and climate conditions.


“The hydroponics market is growing, and Pelemix is growing right along with it,” concludes Shalmon. With the forecast for growth in the market, Pelemix’s strong production base with its advanced production technology, tailored made products approach and worldwide agronomist support makes the company one of the major players in the coir market.


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