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Origene Seeds is granted US patent covering Powdery Mildew-resistant watermelon plant

Patent reflects the results of Origene's long term commitment to breeding innovative vegetable varieties

the united states patents and trademark office has recently granted a landmark us patent covering origene’s breakthrough technology of producing a powdery mildew – resistant watermelon plant. the patent reflects the results of origene’s long term commitment to breeding innovative vegetable varieties, designed to boost crop yields, reduce the need of chemicals, improve nutrition and increase flavor, taste and quality in more than 35 countries worldwide.

origene seeds patents & patents applications protect origene’s resources and allows us to focus on the next generations of plants and varieties, which will assist countries, farmers and agriculture to produce better and healthier food, while minimizing depletion of earth valuable resources, such as lands, water and earth.
origene seeds innovative green technologies are protected by patents and also pvp and trade marks.

origene seeds is an innovative international seed company, active in research, plant breeding, seed production and processing, sales & marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties.
the company’s strategy is to develop new hybrids with novel traits of quality, taste, flavor, uniformity, high nutrition values, shelf life, all combined with high yield and environmental friendly. the hybrid varieties are suitable for the commercial outdoor crops or greenhouse growers as well for plant raisers, for the professional sectors.

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