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Irri.al.tal Brings Irrigation to the World

Irri.al.tal’s booth at Agritech was designed in an airport theme. This reflects perfectly the company’s vision – bringing Israeli irrigation technologies to projects around the globe. We met the Company’s CEO Ohad Haber at Agritech to hear about the Company’s goals.


“We are active in 40 countries, and we are now directing a lot of our energy to the African market,” explains Haber. Irri.al.tal has been active in Ethiopia for over eight years and is looking to expand its activity to other countries in the region. To this end, the company has just opened an office in Ethiopia to serve the African continent. Agritech was a great opportunity for the Company to generate leads from Africa, and according to Haber numerous fruitful meetings with African delegations took place at the Fair.


An example of Irri.al.tal’s activity in Africa is the Raya Valley project, in which several medium-sized farms were installed by Bruh Tesfa, the largest irrigation company in northern Ethiopia. Irri.al.tal accompanied BT through the entire process, providing certain design aspects, supplying parts of the system and training local personnel after completion of installation.


So why should a grower looking to implement an irrigation system turn to Irri.al.tal, rather than one of the large Israeli irrigation equipment manufacturers? “Irri.al.tal is unique in that we are a ‘smart integrator’ who provides maximum flexibility, speed and professionalism. We provide complete objectivity and focus on the needs of the clients,” explains Haber. “Because we have access to a wide range of Israeli irrigation technologies, but we don’t manufacturer any of them ourselves, we tailor the optimal solution for every client. We are guided only by the client’s needs.”


Some of the recent key projects for Irri.al.tal include a banana farm in southern China and fish farm in Nigeria. The company’s customer base since its foundation over a decade ago, was strongest in South America, China and Africa, and it is moving forward with implementing Israeli irrigation technologies in major projects around the world.

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