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Introducing in Israel: An Avocado Laboratory will Test the Ripeness of the Fruit

Is the avocado ready? A new technology will check the ripeness of the fruit from within
The fruits and vegetables marketing of Granot Cooperative is investing in Neolithics Company, which developed a cutting-edge technology checking the level of quality and inner ripeness of the fruit • An avocado laboratory to be built in Granot will assist in reducing food waste as well as allow the marketing of a precisely ripe avocado, locally and worldwide.
Nutrition safety and the reduction of food waste are becoming a critical necessity and the main objective of global organizations and sustainable food companies. “Haklaey Granot” (Granot Farmers), a company marketing fruits and vegetables directly to food chains and to the wholesaler markets, had recently invested in Neolithics Company, who developed a unique technology for advanced quality control of fresh produce.

Using this technology, fruits could be classified at the level of the artificial ripening of the fruit and the ripeness of the fruit; hence allowing to maximize its use and to significantly reduce wasting food. Jointly, the companies are in hope of making a significant breakthrough in the avocado field, thus leading to the global growth of the company.
Granot, within its cooperation with Neolithics, shall establish an avocado laboratory to handle fresh agricultural produce postharvest; the most advanced laboratory in Israel and one of the top laboratories worldwide. The mutual research and development center of the companies shall be established on Granot premises, adjacent to

Granot’s avocado packing house, with the objective to create a deep connection between Granot activities along the chain of value, experience and its agrotechnical capabilities, and the technological capabilities of Neolithics and to be established as a leading entity in the AgTech worlds.

Recently, Granot began marketing ripe and ready-to-eat avocado. Granot’s ripe avocado, ready for consumption immediately upon its purchasing, is marketed in a designed package, consisting of 2-3 avocado units, according to the variety and season. In the first phase, the Ettinger avocado is marketed; this variety is opening the season in Israel and it is considered the highest quality and tastiest fruit by Israelis. Thereafter, other avocado varieties, including Fuerte, Ardit as well as Has, which is in the lead of avocado export from Israel, shall be marketed, also in a designed and designated package.

Neolothics Company developed a unique technology, aiming at assisting food distributers to utilize the food quality, safety and shelf life, while using an innovative fruit testing technology. The company offers food distributors, wholesalers and retailers the next generation of produce quality control, which is needed in today’s world to improve food safety and to minimize food waste. “We founded Neolithics to improve the manner in which we treat planet Earth”, said the Managing Director and Co-founder of Neolithics, Amir Adamov. “Since between 30% and 50% of the food produced in this world is wasted, we knew we could have a tremendous affect on the way in which the world is nourished. Until the year 2050, we will feed 25% more people in the world using half of the resources, and our technology will assist in dealing with this amazing challenge”. According to Amir, the cooperation with Granot, an agricultural cooperative managing 20 factories and corporations with accumulative annual revenues exceeding a billion dollars, serves the company’s vision to optimize the supply chain productivity and the procedures involving global avocado distribution.

According to Giora Marom, the Managing Director of Granot Farmers Group, Neolithics technology will allow to schedule the marketing of avocado locally and globally in the most effective manner. “We hope that together we will succeed in testing the internal quality of the avocado, its level of ripeness and in coordination with local and global customers, to adjust our and their protocols of artificial ripening of the fruit in order to reduce the level of waste, to optimize the process along the chain of value and to improve the quality. If we will succeed, this could be a meaningful breakthrough in the field. This is an additional investment of Granot in the FoodTech industry, allowing us to make a unique connection between the hi-tech world and the agricultural industry and positions us as a significant leading entity in the field”.

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